My recipe for my canned tomato juice, Easy, Delicious!

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Lori Brown
po box 1183
Imboden Arkansas 72434

23 quarts tomato juice
season to your taste
I use
2 to 3 cups dehydrated bell pepper
1 C. dehydrated onions
5 bay leafs
2 T. celery salt or celery seed
2 T. oregano
1 cup sugar
3 t. Pepper
1/2 cup worcestershire sauce
opt. 2 t. Salt
1/2 t. lemon juice for pints
1 t. for quarts

process 30 minutes

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You two are the best. Every video is such a blessing. Thank you for the chit chat and comforting words. God has already won! No matter what we endure, we are made stronger through the trials and through Jesus! He will never forsake us. God bless y'all! ❤

Author — Tammy Schmidt


I made tomato juice this summer and I also used my late mother in laws tomato strainer like you have. She used it when we were first married and I remember all those tomatoes from her garden. Thanks for the chat too. I am waiting till you get some more cookbooks in to order mine. Thanks for all you helpful information on a homestead life. God bless you and Mr. Brown. Happy early birthday Mr Brown.🎃🎂

Author — Judy Holbrook


Another 33 minutes well-spent at Whippoorwill Holler. I love your chats so thanks for ending it this way. Loved to see your expression when you were talking about your one lone blooming rose and the sun peaking through. Happy early Birthday wishes to Mr Brown. Hope his siblings did finally get over that one halloween where they got cheated out of tricks or treats. 🤣 God bless you both and thanks for the encouraging words to sleep on. What a world we find ourselves in. Come Lord Jesus.

Author — Bea, Honey dog and me


The tomato juice looked so pretty. I have never canned tomato juice, but have canned a lot of tomatoes. We love tomato juice, and I keep it in my pantry. I wish I had learned how to do tomato juice when I was canning so much. Haves a good week everyone. 💕

Author — Kathryn Reed


I hope you know how much you warm peoples' hearts. I'm in the midst of moving cross country. My furniture and almost all household has been donated. I'm only taking what fits in my car. My daughter is flying in tomorrow to help finish up here and drive my car with me and my cat to her place. She has a big garden and she started canning for the first time. I will be extra hands and will be with both my kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Your videos always make me feel like I'm visiting with good folks down the street, the kind of folks I wish were around me. Happy Birthday to Mr. Brown. I'm 5 years older. Miss Lori, a lot of your charm is that you ARE real. When I get settled in, I'm going to make you something. God bless you both.

Author — Rebelgirl 7


Thank you for delicious tomato juice recipe and the chat! I love watching you two together, loving each other through all the years. Do you know how blessed you both are? I'm sure you do. What I wouldn't give for such a loving husband and long-lasting marriage, but the Lord had other plans for me I guess. God bless you both. :-)

Author — NRG Ltwrkr


Looks so delicious. Love watching you two.💕 Hugs to both!

Author — Kim Walders


As a Mennonite farm girl in the early '60s...we ate what we grew with very few exceptions. I recall my Mom ( now 94 and in very good health) made tomato juice this very same way...with the exception of the seasoning...there again, what we grew...onion primarily with a bit of sugar and salt. This was our "go to" for vitamin we lived in the north and might see citrus at Christmas! Nice video as always!

Author — Holly Buehrer


You two are so cute. Lori's tomato squeezin's have endless possibilities, including fabulous Italian & Mexican base sauces. I love the flavor of home grown tomatoes. Lori, if you're like me, your favorite cookbooks have splatter-stained pages and dog-eared edges. Pristine cookbooks on my shelf are a sign that the recipes are ho -hum.

Author — Nancy Montgomery


It's beautiful!
I have an ol strainer like that. I inherited it from a wonderful older woman who, with her husband grew everything, canned everything...into their 90s.
I think she cooked everything in her pressure cooker. I miss them dearly.
That strainer always makes me smile! ❤
Thanks for the recipe 'ideas'! I've got tomatoes cooking down right now. The skins in the dehydrator!

Author — Nancy


You guys are so much fun, & you always warm my heart. Lori, I mashed many a tomato through that gizmo. Mama called it a ricer. I wish I had kept hers. Your tomato juice looks delicious.

Author — L A


Just got done saving my basil seed that I heard how to do this year. Lettuce seeds and onion seed saved this year too.Ive love learning all these new garden lessons. Thank you!

Author — Julie Poppe


Thank you for this video, canning tomato juice, reminded me of watching my mom can tomato juice and tomatoes. Was always awesome tasting juice.
I too have a birthday next week, Friday, but won’t be 60, be 64; closer to retirement, but have enough work around our place, could retire from town job and still not have enough daylight time to do gardening and my shop work. My wife loves your cookbook, we were on the first list mailing, congratulations on your second sell out. Have a great week. Love your videos and the sit down chats.

Author — Robert Tucek


Sieving the tomatoes was my job when my Grandma made tomato juice. I still remember sitting on my knees on the kitchen stool, pulled up to the counter ❤

Author — SuHu62


I have that same sieve and I use it every year. Our tomatoes are always so sweet I’ve never added sugar but I do add some fresh garlic I just throw everything in the pot and I used my instant pot, onions bell pepper celery and a hot pepper and salt & pepper and usually turns out pretty wonderful.

Author — Debi Hediger


Oh this is one of my favorites! My son called a couple of weeks ago and asked me how to do this even! Mine is different from yours but I'm sure we all tweak it to our personal taste!

Author — Montana Living


Thank for the chat afterwards, it’s like I came and we had a nice visit. Continue with these and plan on a canning cookbook. Bless you my brother and sister. ❤️🇺🇸✝️

Author — Uncle Noah


I think it’s great Mrs. Lori that you take the time out of your busy life to show and explain on your cooking and canning tutorials! Canning is sure the right way to build up your pantry full of goodness for when the snow starts to fall!! God Bless! ❤️😊

Author — Charlene Eisner Schulten


Just so excited! Received my cookbook yesterday and it looks wonderful! You did a super job and put in a lot of work to make it that way. Can’t way to get started. And so glad I ordered a couple extra for Christmas gifts. Thank you so much!

Author — Bonnie Fordahl


Y'all are the cutest couple! Now I know how to get in line for the cookbook lol. Ive been trying and super excited! Just a suggestion, but I love your dry mixes and shelf stable mixes, but a little cookbook if those would be awesome! Im in the process, of searching for videos of dry mixes to make too. Have a good night/day! -Amanda

Author — Amanda