Border Agents Search For Hidden Drugs at Gatwick Airport | Customs

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Border Agents Search For Hidden Drugs at Gatwick Airport | Customs 4.5

Border agents suspect that a woman has brought in cocaine from Trinidad and is trying to smuggle it into the country. Security dogs have sniffed out the bag, now all the border patrol have to do is find the hidden contraband. What are they going to find? Will she be locked up abroad?

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💬 Comments on the video

Would be hilarious if the suitcase was filled with dog biscuits and treats lol

Author — knicol46


The illegal cigarettes will now be destroyed.... one at a time.

Author — helal alrahoomi


The real crime was committed by the sound engineer who did this episode...

Author — Zack Slater


I got searched for drugs when I was flying from San Francisco to Mexico City,
I told them " who smuggles drugs into Mexico?"

Author — Cloud Mania


Good job. Now, arrest the person who did the sound mixing 🤣

Author — Nana Hadj


Some people have nerves of steel. The woman was so calm, i would have been vomiting or passing out

Author — A. M.


seeing this if I was a drug smuggler I would use decoy bags on the same flight, have passengers with no drugs but spray the outside of the bags with a light layer of coke throwing off the dog from the real targets, would also leave a light dusting over the whole conveyor belt system probably making the dog useless for all future activities.

Author — How To Make Sushi


“I went to a flying school in Bangladesh...”
“What was the name of the flying school?”
“Bangladesh Flying School”
I laughed out loud at this idk why

Author — Dorian Thomson


People : Dogs are man's best friends, they're so loyal.

Cats : Well at least we don't show the cops where the drugs are!

Author — Kon The Don


"Ever seen that in a dance mat"
How many dance mats has he cut open before???

Author — Tyrese John


She almost got away with it, she was so calm she must be a pro

Author — Kionya f


She was a smart cookie. If it wasn’t for that meddling dog, only thing missing was a scoobysnack.

Author — DavesDome


A dog that finds money. Just what I need.

Author — Steven Van Hulle


Man, some of these dogs are off. One time I got stopped at an airport in mexico, with a dog that pointed on me, they patted me down twice, searched all my stuff, and guess what. It was a granola bar, SMH.

Author — Veloth


"The red phone" and it's signage needs to be smaller and less conspicuous as some sharp eyed passenger might actually see it and could possibly use it.

Author — M Gibson


only brits could find a way to make cocaine and terrists boring

Author — Will Ferrel


Lol all the stuff that "terrorist" had was easily searchable on the internet.

Author — Payperheirplain


“Bangladesh Flying School” isn’t even a real place.

Author — Slim Jin


“Does she have her PlayStation with her?”

Me: hell u done got caught up 🤦🏽‍♂️

Author — Sir Slime


7:47 Why in the world is the narrator talking over the officer speaking?? I can't hear you sir!

Author — Roman A.