If The Economy Is Great, Why Aren't We?

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If The Economy Is Great, Why Aren't We? 4.5
Here's how we're being misled about our so-called hot economy, and why people are still struggling and left out in the cold. "The economy is booming," insist Trump apologists inside and outside of the White House. But while the wealthy may be able to finally renovate their yachts, workers are finding it harder and harder to survive. Why? Stats like GDP, unemployment and stock prices are actually quite detached from our everyday lives. #Newsbroke
#Inequality #WealthDisparity

Head Writer/Host: Francesca Fiorentini
Senior Producer/Editor: Kate Elston
Writers/Producers: Matt Lieb, Jesse Fernandez, Johan Miranda, Pablo De La Hoya
Animator: Marisa Cruz
Studio: Paragon Creative
Executive Producer: Shadi Rahimi

Summary of All Income Inequality Numbers in the United States:

Income inequalities:
Household incomes:
Income from investing:

*The Problems With GDP, Unemployment Rates and Other Official Economic Measures*** **

*College Tuition Prices in the Last 20 Years *

* College tuition prices compared to wages:

*Cost of one-bedroom apartments in major cities (2019):*

*Unemployment numbers are increasing in eight states that voted for Trump:*

*Underemployment in the United States and how it's taking a toll on the economy:*

*The stock market doesn't matter to most Americans:*

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lots of low paying jobs with little benefits

Author — tad562


A good economy is telling a bad boss to go f-ck yourself and getting a better one.

Author — howie119


#YangGang 2020. It just makes sense for all Americans.

Author — K H


If the economy is great, then the Fed should be raising interest rates, not lowering them.

Author — Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this


If we are doing great why did we add another $1 TRILLION to the debt?

Author — Dan Bellock


40 million Americans are below the poverty line, another 100 million more struggle against poverty, and that's because most of the wealth is going to the top 1% ... this isn't a good economy.

Author — AvangionQ


MAGA! I'm just kidding were all screwed.

Author — Brian Valero


This Boomer says you are so right! Thank you. Sharing this for those who need a simpler way to understand the real economy not made up government numbers and using raise statistics to even cheat COLA's by both old parties!

Author — UKindness4


I work two jobs and at the end of the month I might have $100 left over after basic living expenses.

Author — Arifunshine Xo


I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today? 🍔🍟

Author — BURT- TV


Yup. My work would rather hire multiple pt time people than put me at full time

Author — Andrew Grove


The economy is doing great, I am paying more for my water bill, electricity, gas, phone
and groceries. Sure I Am doing great. I gave up trying to buy me a casita. Lousy crook Trump.

Author — Eddy M


Just use the measures that Yang proposes just like life expectancy etc.
Where my #YangGang at?

Author — TCt83067695


"Help, I need some money
Help, not my parents' money"
I'm dying lmao

Author — Taylor Lynn



When my apartment complex went up on the rent their reason was the economy is getting better & I'm like for who

Author — Ex7


Are you kidding me! Trickle down economics works great! We give a little more to the top then watch our incomes trickle down.

Author — Doug Wilson


a measurement: what percent of the american people can work one job, and have reasonable housing for a quarter of their income or less? 😁

Author — Lambert Lorette


if the economy is so great why did the fed lower interest rates???
wake the hell up people, we are in a recession

Author — Togo Burrows


Simon Kuznets, the modern inventor of the concept of GDP, even said that it should not be used as a means to determine economic welfare.

Author — TheAtheistPaladin


Another something that is very rarely mentioned about the US GDP is that here, healthcare is considered a product. Think about that... The sicker you are, the more HC providers bill for your care. Who pays the Bill is irrelevant, billed amounts are added to the GDP. You being unwell makes the "economy" stronger...

Author — Brooke Bradford