Ricoh THETA S | 360 camera | review, workflow, tips & tricks

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Here is my review and work flow for the Richo Theta S 360 camera. Make sure you subscribe for more videos like this :)
Richo Theta S
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awesome review James, I like how u went in depth of everything from the features of the camera up to wat u can do with it and what to do with videos. I am also looking forward to the time when these cameras can produce a high definition quality of videos. looking forward for more reviews from you!

Author — LionStar14


Just bought one of these, and stumbled on your vid - huge thanks for taking the time to put that together, you've just saved me an age trying to work all that out! Thumbs up!

Author — Martin MacDonald


Great review! Thank you for sharing. The eye glass hard case tip was a simple and economical solution to protect camera.

Author — Mig Pascual


Great video. Easy to understand. I am sold. You mentioned something about different browsers, but in connection to Youtube. I'd like to know, once I upload a 360 image onto my website, can the viewer use the mouse or finger to rotate around the image? Is that also dependent on the browser?

Author — baldy555


More of these! This is great and very informative for people interested in buying tech! Great job!

Author — Tim Scott


Perfect explanation. I spent all day trying to figure this out then finally found your video

Author — Steve Hamoen


Great review! - well thought out and thorough!

Author — John Zito


Thanks for creating this video and also for providing nice information regarding how to edit and add metadata.

Author — Sandeep Chitreddy


Great vid. What if I wanted to skip the editing part, do I have to use the metadata software as well?

Author — palokowski


Excellent! Showed me how to take video, view, edit and post 360 videos. My last few questions would be: how much video, in length of time, can the camera take? Also, did you find it awkward starting and stopping the camera on the go using your cell? TY.

Author — Don deCourcelle


Thanks for the help, really needed it! Brand new to 360 photography

Author — Athena Delmontie


Great video! Is it possible to shoot non-360 videos with this camera? I like the shape of the camera and want to for example shoot a vlog while I'am riding my montainbike.

Author — Erik Birgerson


Hi Barbster360, thank you for amazing video about Theta S. Do you have any recommendation for using self stick or lanparte gimbal on Theta S. Appreciate your feedback

Author — Ravi Arya


Sold it to us. We needed that one video that went into enough depth for us. Thank you! We made you 100 thumbs up and a new subscriber! Looking forward to watching you more!

The Royer

Author — Ryan Allen Gray


Well made video!! You answered all of my questions, you were interesting but not annoying, great work. Subscribed.

Author — roo TØP


Can you please guide me, for live streaming through HDMI, do we need to have 'RICOH HC-1 HDMI cable' (mentioned in user guide) or we can actually use any HDMI cable?

Author — Hassaan Ahmad Farooqi


Very nice review, quality and everything- Thanks for the help! (y)

Author — Milli Cosplays


Great video, thanks for in-depth review!!

Author — Christoph Hillegeer


Excellent stuff, James! I hope Ricoh get to see it :).

Author — Rachel Nell


how is the battery life? And since you can't add a memory card, how much video does it actually hold?

Author — Ron Heverly