Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6

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Meet youngest US woman on death row (FULL VERSION) | A Hidden America with Diane Sawyer PART 4/6 4.5
"Hidden America: Nation of Women Behind Bars" Act 4: Convicted of murder, Emilia Carr, 30, is imprisoned at Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida. [Original Air Date 2/27/2015]


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"how many rich people are in prison?"

good point, honestly

Author — EndofMusic


Can you imagine burying someone alive? That would be the worst.

Author — Ken Johnson


So the killer gets "live" and the accessary gets "death"????!!!
That ain't justice.

Author — AMD phone


How to survive in 2019
Be rich
Be single
Don’t live in the US
Thank me later

Author — Hrx360GAMING


Neither one of these women have any empathy and I could care less about their sentencing. They are full of b.s., they are manipulative and creepy.

Author — Audrey H


I hate how they always seem to use being sexually abused as a child as a reason why they lead bad lives. I was sexually abused as a child but I ain't going around killing people.

Author — Amethyst Rock


The men should die too if they gonna do justice take them all down TF 🤦🏾‍♀️

Author — Ebonee Ray


Welp if I was on DEATH ROW especially for a crime I didn’t commit I danm sure wouldn’t be smiling for no danm interview

Author — Depo Houdini


Psychopaths know how to act like they are remorseful but you can tell they are not. They any capable of human emotions.

Author — ash


"We're people"
Yeah, so were your victims you sick freaks.

An eye for an eye - there's your *equality*

Author — Em_xo xo


Oh my God! They got death penalty for being complices to murder and the actual murderers got life sentences?

Author — Verbs describe us


"in what aspect?" --- She's clearly got a mental disorder.

Author — neuron55


I allways tell everyone including my co-workers, that every thing you do is important and has an impact, you tell a bus driver thanks for the ride, and you tell the cashier you have a wonderful day, , and you have respect for supervisors, every word you say has Ecco, and evey act has a result

Author — sonrics lazy


I love how hard they're trying to sound intelligent, deep, profound, and human. Not buying it!

Author — Nope Nope


"In what aspect?" "Its hard to answer?" They are exactly where they need to be.

Author — BriaN


Excuse making no remorse losers.
It was YOU. Not daddy, not rich people, not TV shows.

Author — Homes


Don't care if they are "not the same person." Good for them for changing. But they are being punished for what they did.

Author — sagrammyfour


And they always find Jesus after they are caught!

Author — delon a


insane people... but i do think their "life row" mentality is kinda good

Author — matt bardot


“at that moment I was shivering, he told me to try snap her neck” I just got chills running down my spine

Author — sister shalissa