The Dems' House Win Is A 'BFD' Says Alex Wagner And John Heilemann

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The Dems' House Win Is A 'BFD' Says Alex Wagner And John Heilemann 4.5

Showtime's 'The Circus' hosts Alex Wagner And John Heilemann encourage Democrats not to downplay the importance of their House win, calling it a 'BFD.' (see: Google's search results for 'BFD').

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People are saying it wasn't a huge blue "wave". The Republicans have spent years building a giant "storm levy", made from appalling and abhorrent voter suppression, almost felonious gerrymandering, and even some voter fraud sprinkled in for good measure. The wave still managed to breech that levy by possibly 40 seats. It takes a tsunami to get over a giant levy like that.

Author — Unintended Consequences


Gerrymandering has to be undone, and made illegal. Pure and simple!

Author — Ian Patrick


Good. The Mueller report will not be buried.

Author — Jorge Johnson


Beto and Guillum both should have won their races. Sad for them but Hey 2020 is coming and sky is the limit for

Author — SS


Dems should've had a much bigger win. I hate to break this to you folks. A significant portion of the US has always been racist. It may not have seemed that way for a while because racism was so stigmatized. Trump and his minions are making it acceptable to be racist again. Racism is going mainstream and the country is headed in a very dangerous direction. You're deluding yourself if you don't think that Trump has the potential to become an autocrat. The Republican party is basically a glorified cult. 

A Republican acquaintance just shared a false article claiming that Trump was a chess grandmaster who trained under Bobby Fischer and won several world championships. Dozens of this person's friends enthusiastically shared this post without question. These people are in a fucking trance and they're not going to break out of it anytime soon. Brace yourselves.

Author — srw


I'm baffled that the dems lost the senate again. Trump isn't going anywhere. The way I see it now: the US isn't 1 country anymore. It's 2 countries forced to live together.

Author — colaboytje


To the democrats who lost this mid term election. Keep on trying. Don't give up there are more elections to come.

Author — Allard Freichmann


Michigan went the extra step of passing proposals that banned gerrymandering and voter suppression in our state.
It's a shame that not all the states have the balls to offer their voters the choice on whether or not to protect the integrity of their own voting process.

Author — David Twigg


The Senators that won through Gerrymandering should immediately be replaced with their opponents.

Author — Robert Enyart


So sad for Florida, where I live, that the one of the crookedest politicians alive, Rick "Scam Medicare" Scott is in the company was fined 1.5 billion dollars for medicare fraud and he took the fifth something like 70 times. Walked away Desantis, a miniature trump is the Governor...I am thankful that drumf will have a check on him but sad for my

Author — Stratster68


Given two years remaining, now his economic policies will show themselves, he will not be able to ride on President Obama's coat tails and claim it as his own, lies will not help now, it's time to show what you are capable of.

Author — hawk wiley


Thanks to the Demos Winning
The North American Indians are now calling Trump
" Dancing with Inmates "

Author — Action Hiro


I'm not surprised Beto lost. He made it a real race and it never should've been that close. He should definitely run again for any office. Same with Stacey and Andrew. They should both dust themselves off and run again. She has a good claim that that kemp guy was rigging the election so maybe she'll take to the Georgia SC.

Author — Doc Lewis


When it comes to legislation, the Democratic House majority win means that Republicans can no longer pass even a single bill unless Democrats agree to let them. The party leaders will control what gets to the floor in the first place. So consider the conservative legislative agenda dead — no more Obamacare repeal, no more huge tax cuts, no big cuts to Medicaid or food stamps. The Dems House majority will allow them to launch subpoena-powered investigations into the president’s finances, Russian interference, impeachment proceedings, Prevent Reps firing Robert Muller, administration ethics scandals, and they could even demand Trump’s tax returns. Trump's free ride with no congressional checks and balances has just ended .

Author — ThE DuCk


Voter suppression and gerrymandering far far outweigh the margins in all these elections. The numbers of people denied the right to vote and disillusioned because of the giant hurdles are enormous.



3 types of waves democrats, female and then progressive candidates that take no corperate money are starting to run for and get in to power.

Author — Elizabeth Britton


Im so happy Im not an American...hahaha... congrats to all Democrats.

Author — Don't Speak


"It's not a tsunami or a puddle", The word you are looking for Sir, is normal which we have been unaccustomed with since 2016.

Author — Sayak Das


GOP is more extreme as of tonight....more racist to be exact.

Author — Asti Upiastirin


The corrupt Repugnicans, despite their base and widespread gerrymandering, still lost the House .

Author — Democracy 325.7