How-To Care for Matte Paint | Lexus

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

The unique appearance of matte paint requires special care. We recommend following these cleaning care tips to keep your Lexus looking its best. These tips are included in the Matte Paint Care Guide that came with your vehicle. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for information for care and protection of other parts of the vehicle other than the matte finish.

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Thanks for the video. Now I know my next Lexus will NOT be a matte paint.

Author — Alex Wu


Definitely don’t wanna daily drive a matte RCF. Too much high maintenance for someone with OCD.

Author — 1


couple things...
1. the "soaping" stage was completely skipped, if the car is dirty, you cant just rinse with water and wipe off especially with a chamois. and use matte specific soap.
2. toss out that chamois, chamois are flat, use microfiber, they're way softer, have hairs to lift and hold dirt to prevent scratching where chamois just pushes it across the paint.

Author — DuhDuh


That's crazy 😂 for a car! I don't even shower like that.👀

Author — uba urbanus


Lexus: Just don’t drive the car keep it as a show car.

Lmao literally what it seems like they’re saying

Author — Julio Muralles


LOOOOL I find it funny how well dressed the person is when washing the car while I see how I look HAHAHAH

Author — YinLungTsang


Is it recommended to wear a plaid collar shirt during car wash as well?

Author — abcdLeeXY


Amazingly beautiful color😍 imagine if it was available on the Camry XSE V6



Thanks Lexus, I'm keeping my GS 300 from now.

Author — Mark


No soap? Also, how much hair product should I apply to my hair before going out in business casual car wash attire?

Author — Adam Carlson


So just wrap a regular painted lexus in a matte colour then 🤷🏾‍♂️

Author — YanzoDaDon


Lexus should give cleaning set and pressure hose to increase the sales.

Author — Parlo


Couldn’t you just cover it with a ceramic paint too?

Author — FatalFist


What a PITA. Glad I don't have a matte finish on my Lexus. Love my Atomic Silver GS-F V8 ! Nice and shiny !

Author — MrMustangrick


You can also use vinegar mixed with water as well

Author — Richard Williams


By buying that RCF car, I would just pay the dealership to detailing it

Author — L L


Lol nice video but these are very basic car cleaning steps for any paint you want to take care of beyond 5 years....but considering folks are commenting that there are "too many steps" guess it shows most folks are lazy AF when it comes to taking care of their cars.. I've used these steps on my 5 year old cheap car from day one, no micro scratches or fade thus far.

Author — Ken Kozawa


Good to know. To never buy a vehicle with matte paint!

Author — Simon


a vehicle like this is meant to enjoy but not give the stress of checking every part of the car just to if the matte paint is ok, I wonder if ppf (paint protection film) is applicable

Author — Herbert Wong


The good thing is you don't need to wax

Author — Citizen052