What Happens If You Put Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator?

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What Happens If You Put Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator? 5
A particle accelerator is not some kind of evil super villain torture device. A particle accelerator is used for health, safety, discovery, and for learning more about our universe. You can't see what it does, but you can feel it. The question is, can you survive its effects? Chances are you've probably already been exposed to accelerated particles before! So how do you feel?

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Short answer: You’ll die
Long answer: You’ll die, but in a scientific way

Author — I don’t want subscribers


What if nobody dies in a "what if" video?

Ans: You clicked on the wrong video.

Author — Neha Motwani


Doctor: you won't live for much longer
Bugorski: *hold my vodka*

Author — Kenny Anaga


Heyy I got a good idea what if earth was in another galaxy instead of milky way

Author — Gnteaming


Me : put my head in a particle acceleration
Mom: just because of that damn PHONE

Author — Rajan Sapkota


Okay so...I want you to make a "what if" on...

What if girls stopped wearing makeup

Author — sunita bakshi


You gonna see the next Star Wars movie while actually feeling the experience in a good and bad way

Author — OwO


People who’ve seen the flash:
*𝘉𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘤 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘭𝘦𝘥𝘨𝘦*

Author — _ Q/G _


The first time I’ve heard of a particle accelerator was from the show “The Flash” which is my favorite show and how I got into superheroes!

Author — Jen Klen


*with a great power comes with a great electricity bill.*

Author — dumb fuck juice


I thought the particle accelerator was just something from ‘the flash’

Author — Anti Merciful


i would love to become flash and experience the multivers

Author — Saleh Ahmed


Absolutely nobody:
Particles in particle accelerators: "I'm Speed"

Author — MGTech


I think, What If has achieved


Author — A01K11


This reminds me of The Flash. So does your video about dark matter

Author — Sidrit Dervishi


3:52 wait what. since when time travel was possible

Author — RamsesJ


Bugorski - *exists
Particle collider - Im gonna end this man's whole career
Bugorski - You can say that again, pal.

Author — Aditya Wadhwa


Megadeth fans be like: "that thumbnail is the Super Collider album art!"

Author — Zach Nichols


Bruh I love how you put a flash scene (I’m watching it for the 3rd time)

Author — R1SKY_Krak3N


First comment!

Barry Allen wants to know your location.

Author — Dexter Alex