Life Is Strange - Full Soundtrack [OST]

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The official soundtrack for Life is Strange (All Episodes)!

Composed by: Jonathan Morali.

➤ Episode 01 : Chrysalis
00:00 - Track 01
02:53 - Track 02
05:36 - Blackwell Academy
07:21 - Track 04
08:57 - Track 05
10:29 - Track 06
11:54 - Track 07
13:27 - Track 08
➤ Episode 02 : Out of Time
14:42 - Track 09
15:52 - Track 10
17:55 - Kate
20:19 - Track 12
21:51 - Max & Chloe
23:48 - Track 14
27:53 - Track 15
32:49 - Track 16
33:52 - Track 17
36:16 - Track 18
➤ Episode 03 : Chaos Theory
37:43 - Track 19
39:34 - Track 20
44:03 - Night Walk
47:27 - Timeless
49:52 - Track 23
51:00 - Track 24
53:22 - Timelines
55:47 - Track 26
➤ Episode 04 : Dark Room
56:44 - Track 27
01:01:46 - Track 28
01:08:26 - Track 29
01:09:40 - Track 30
01:13:54 - Track 31
01:16:37 - Track 32
01:17:11 - Track 33
➤ Episode 05 : Polarized
01:20:01 - The Storm
01:22:24 - Track 35
01:23:19 - Track 36
01:27:36 - Track 37
01:29:54 - Track 38
01:31:16 - Track 39
01:36:16 - Golden hour (Menu Theme)
01:42:17 - Credits

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💬 Comments

this soundtrack makes me both sad, yet also warm and happy inside, just like the game did. It truly is a masterpiece all around the clock.

Author — Thomas den Otter


i love the fact that a lot of people r coming back for life is strange during this quarantine situation and shit. guess we're all craving for some nostalgia and this game got it. stay strong guys. i found this text that reminds me a lot of life is strange, idk who needs to read this but:

    You need to stay. And you need to stay loudly. You're afraid of making bad choices but the truth is: the tiniest actions of your life will influence the course of the rest of your life and you cannot control it. So many factors play a part in you being here today: a delayed train, an extra cup of tea, the number of seconds your parents took to cross the street.
   _This is _*_Chaos Theory._* Sensitivity. Mathematics.  You are here. And every choice you have ever made has led you to right now, reading this. While you exist, every movement and moment matters, those bad choices led you to the best days of your life, if you were to play it _rewind._  So let them go. The change will come. Even if you're standing still.
   Butterflies will keep flapping their wings and causing hurricanes. So, make your choices and make them loud. Trust your gut. Trust Energy. And if you ceased to exist? _Oh, the Universe would notice._ The mess that would make. The hearts that would break. So just _stay._ Stay for the bad choices. Stay for the great ones.

*_Stay. Cause a few hurricanes._*

credits to -- s.r.w

you matter. we’ll get through it together. stay safe

Author — violetlight


"My powers might not last, Chloe."

"That's okay. We will... forever.”

Author — Brenden Nichols


"And Max Caulfield? Don't you forget about me..."

Author — Mahigiri


I know I'm like really late on playing this but just finished LIS couple of days ago and I gotta say that no other game has managed to feel so emotional and the soundtrack was a huge part of that experience



can't escape Life Is Strange vibes. five years later and im still here

Author — Yoru夜


15 seconds of this soundtrack and I'm back in that same emotional place I was when playing the game! Just FEELS, all over the place

Author — Brilliant-But-Scary-Bad-Wolf


plz erase my memory and play this game again..

Author — Muhammad Lukmanur Hakim


This hurts. I want to go back to that world.

Author — I Feel Terrible


Best playlist to listen to while walk during the rain

Author — Murras


oh no... it's been 5 years. I remember stopping by my best friend's house after school, not knocking because I know it's open and finding my friend in front of her computer, wide eyed and crying. she almost finished the game. I didn't know what the game was and just watched her make that last choice. after that I got interested and got it for myself. I loved it so much, even if the plot is not perfect. It shaped my music taste. I often blast the main menu song in my dorm :D sometimes I think my best friend and I are like max and chloe in some way-except we were never apart. her parent died, too.

Author — hiendar inenkoray


Adult : a game cant be art
Me : Puls out Life is Strange

Author — Apocalyptic survivor


Man, I needed I'm having anxiety issues and these tracks are helping me.... I Loved the game when i played it 2 years ago and It's one of my favorite games, the music brings back a lot of good memories and full of nostalgia. Thanks mate!

Author — MIK Cold


Wish I had friends like Max and Chloe .. Their friendship reminds me of the friendships I had when I was a kid. Now they are all gone, and they have been gone since I became about 16 and onwards. The new people I have meet afterwards has been passing shallow accentances that never has lead anywhere. There is no real dependence besides being accuanted professionally, in the hope that it might help you in som way on in your job career in some fashion, and that is just sad. Same goes with romance. People say its dead, well thats not true, but its the dependence that is starting to become irrelevant. Before you had to depend on each other to stay alive, now you don't and its only now due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus that people start to either fight each other or come together again to become stronger as a group.

Author — TH3MZ


wish i could play this Epic Game again With no memories 💙💙

Author — Chloe Price


the first song always gives me anxiety yet a really calming sense of nostalgia. like the nostalgia is so intense that i have to clench my muscles. yet i love it.

Author — mood


I just started playing Life is Strange during my quarantine. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing!

Author — Daiane Tamanaha


This feels like a mental reset. I've been in such a dark place these past few months. It's really gotten bad for me, there were moments that I felt so numb I started to wonder if I was meant to be here. I've kinda felt like there was no purpose for me living, but i've kept going. I talked to my dad and he said that I didn't have to feel like there was something for me to do. He told me to enjoy life, just be here and that's enough. I don't have to feel so pressured and hurt by people and things I can control. So for now I'll just try to be here.

Author — cameron


I'll never forget being in Max's room the first time and starting to play the guitar while that song was playing. When she started playing along with it I was just like "wow...this game is something else". Very powerful start to finish. Before the Storm was pretty good and LiS 2 was solid, but this game was a masterpiece.

Author — ListenBarnaby


Me and an ex-girlfriend shared our love for this game. Everytime i hear the soundtrack it makes me think of her, sometimes i wonder how different, better, or worse my life wouldve been if things hadnt unfolded the way they did. I like to listen to this soundtrack to remember those wonderful times i had what feels like such a long time ago.

Author — coqsoq