The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

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💬 Comments

That marvel studios logo is always a seal of quality

Author — Heavy Spoilers


Marvel Studios is like a fine wine it just keeps getting better

Author — Veshremy Stories


Kevin Feige is one of the reasons the MCU has been successful throughout the years. I hope it stays for a long time, so we can have even more marvel projects.

Author — David Emanuel Rosini


This is truly amazing and incredible to see marvel films evolve over the years!

Author — Johnny Blaze Gaming


We are all extremely lucky that we have marvel in our lives. It's just the perfect source of entertainment!

Author — H-Visions


Marvel was my childhood, from the Thomas Jane Punisher, to Avengers Endgame, Marvel has been a big part of my life. Thank you Marvel!

Author — A Guy who has Good Taste


I've been studying the MCU chronology when I was 8 years old..I mean from 2014 ❤️❤️ It taught me a lot & I'm grateful to this franchise..We're a Family ❤️ Lucky to witness the decade

Author — PES verse


What a company Marvel has become over the years👏🏼 making memories for us that we will never forget

Author — rileyyy


Kudos to Kevin Feige and his team. The guy's a diamond. The vision he had and has.

Author — GrizzyLY Life.


I'm still amazed at this fact that they achieved all this in 11 years and now they are the biggest movie franchise in the world.

Author — Priyanshu Ranjan


Let's take a minute to appreciate that they have been working at this since 2008 and they linked their universe up really well.

Author — ShinyFireET1


"It's a masterpiece, Complete Comprehensive."

Author — Comic Marvel


I thought Marvel will crash after the infinity Saga with most of the OG Avengers gone, but it's getting even better. The way Marvel has weaned us from those characters and introduced us to characters we never even heard of and we are beginning to love is amazing. I love Marvel Studios and thank you Feigie and the team.

Author — Nnamdi Ejiofor


I would accept this book as a Christmas present

Author — Mariana Carolina Rivas Dos Santos


This is something i've always wanted to see in physical form, and now its here!

Author — GenerationWest


MCU will always and will be in a special place in my heart till the day I die.

Author — Nathan Choi


After all these years it’s truly beautiful and emotional so see how far marvel has come and after phase 4 and 5 were announced my eyes just exploded with excitement

Author — JTG


Don’t know what my life would be without marvel, forever grateful

Author — JustLucinda


And now Shang-Chi is already breaking records. All MCU movies are epic in their own way!

Author — RxShivamGamer


This is a must buy for any MCU fan. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

Author — Dominick Ruocco