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TRANSLATION(w/ references):
Gi.raf.taar(G like Garage)verb: Arrest

This song is in response to a diss made by Raftaar called 'Sheikh Chilli'.

'Marwaayega' is a term used to say he will get banged. In both the literal and figurative sense. And it's a pun on a song that 'Raftaar', the artist that's being dissed, made called 'Baby marwaake maanegi.'

So when he says "Raftaar marwaake maanega", he means 'Raftaar will learn after getting banged.'

Listen, I'm not only a true muslim, but also a true human being. (Response to Raftaar in his last diss where he says, "Don't lie if you're a true muslim")
I'm here to bring you wisdom to fix your flawed brain.
You gotta helicopter in your video? Smallz, I'm a plane.
You're gonna get vertigo, I'm a tobacco(Kimam) 'paan'. (Paan: a couple ingredients including nuts and tobacco rolled in betal leaf. You chew it. It could get you pretty high.)
RAA! (Raftaar's signature growl)
You fed me food at your place, right?
Take money.
You paid for my studio session, right?
Take money.
You made me sing at your show, right?
Pay me. I came for free.
Brain damaged mortal. Your face is full of dirt.
You f*cked with BANTAI, you get what I'm saying?
While you were busy chasing money, we took care of hip hop.
You're a broken lock.
You're an open sewer.
Your words are lies.
I'm a heavy-weight over all your work.
Bantai's mad stubborn. You get me, 'Lala'?
You're a fake dawn, I'm the real shine.
*There's no place for you here. *
In underground music, you're unknown.
You're pointlessly pretentious, no one in hip hop says 'what's good' to you.. they say 'bounce'.
Meet me again.

O my brother. If you still don't get it, I'll put it straight!

What will you spit next? What do you have left to say?
You're trying to give it to me in my own flow?
The song 'Sadak' was already made. (Raftaar called Emiway out in his last track saying that he wrote a whole verse in his most famous track.)
And you came and asked me if we can make it together?
Sure, you wrote 4 lines of it. But I wrote the whole track.
We talked about it on calls. Now, do you want me to pay your phone bill?
Money! Money! What are you gonna EAT money?

How much you wanna eat? 1 mill? 2 mill? Just give it to him.

A movie was made on Divine and Naezy (These guys are other big rappers in the underground scene)
But I'm gonna make a film on you.
You're not in 'Gully Boy' (The name of the film which means "Street Boy". Emiway will have an appearance in it.)
Before the film, I'm gonna expose you to the world.
Who's real, who's not. Who's fake, who's not.
This is the rap game, not a joke.
There's no weight in your words, youngin
There's no voice in your speech.
There's no cure for a rapper like me. Not today.
Tomorrow, I'm more successful.
I trust my objectivity.
In the song 'Sheikh Chilli' you imitated ME.
Come and grab my (D).... flow.

Look, Raftaar slowed down. (Raftaar means speed)
He arrested himself. (Wordplay: GiRAFTAAR means arrested)
Don't be childish.

You messed with me, try to withstand it.
If you wanna fight, you're gonna pay.
When it comes to rapping, I'm a deranged rapper.
How much longer you gonna rot.
However long it is, I'm not backing down.
I'm gonna knock (Thak-Thak)
Heart's gonna beat. (Dhak-Dhak)
You'll fear me so much, you'll mask your insecurities by going around and talking shit.
Talking shit... Talking shit.

I'll come right back and start KNOCKING again.
Screaming while rapping, ain't for everybody (This is Emiway's style. To yell and rap. In 'Sheikh Chilli' Raftaar mocked the same flow.)
I'm hard af, youngin. Not butter soft like you.
You're 8 years older, but I still don't budge.
Hip hop is ours. There's no road here for you.

It's our hip-hop. Why are you sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong. Were you here before? You weren't right? Go over there. Go dance in the corner.

Before my song '#Sadak' was made, the remix was recorded.
You told me you'll make a song with me, and didn't deliver. Fraud.
This radish*(Raftaar) *looks clean on the surface.
You said we'd make a video, but deceived me there too.
You just wanted to sign me. That's why you called me to Delhi.
You pussy of a cat, this 'Sheikh Chilli' gets your intentions.
1 years gone, tell us where the song is.

The public wants answers. Tell em where '#Sadak Remix' is. This is the real deal people. Next time we party, I'll bring some money, or else you'll make me count my sins again.

RAFTAAR RAFTAAR is now arrested.
Turn off this shitty practice of conning us rappers.
Turn down your volume.
Whatever I've done, was on my own merit.
Puncture. You torn apart tire.
You broken wire.
You're Dilin Nair (Raftaar's real name)
I'm a joint's fire.
Lanka's on fire. (Random knowledge: In the Hindu mythology there's a story called 'Ramayan', in which the enemy's state Sri Lanka is set ablaze in the process of rescuing Ram's wife from the demon Raavan.)
I'm too hard. I'm fire.
I'm organic. I'm a tree.
Too hard, too hard, whaa
Too hard, too hard.

Author — manoj pareek


This guys are proof that music don't need to understand language ...

Author — Nikhil Chopare


Bro, He is Insane
You guys MUST react to his new track KHATAM
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Author — Kunal P


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Thanks for the reaction 😍🔥👍🏻

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Author — farhanimator


actually same reaction guys.... when we hear your language songs like eminem, snoop dog, tupac... rappers by the way guys Although we both are not so good in each other language but the music is an emotion its understand by feelings... we do understand.. 😊😊😊😊😊

Author — Rajveer singh r rajpal


These songs u are reacting are made within 24 hrs including lyrics, recording and shooting

Author — Rohit Thakur


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