Hostage Taking at the ER | Chicago Med

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A desperate dad-to-be puts the whole ER unit in lockdown when he pulls out a gun and takes hostages.

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Season 04, Episode 19, Never Let You Go
The hospital goes into lockdown mode when a man with a gun holds medical staff hostage. Goodwin is forced to make a tough decision. Dr. Rhodes begins to realize his time with his father is getting short.

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Considering how he reacted, bringing a gun in and shooting people to try and get the child, it makes sense why they were trying to take away his son. And with the crazy way he was behaving, giving the baby to him was too dangerous, and protecting the staff and everyone else in the room was top priority with his final moments. It would have been hard for the character to lure him into the kill zone, but it was a necessity and she had to make that decision.

Author — Alexander Elderhorst


I like how all the main characters just appear from different ends of the room slowly lol

Author — Milo T.


If this happened on House M.D., House would probably say something like "Hey, if you think it' so easy to deliver a baby at gunpoint, how about we swap places?"

Author — flashstudiosguy


I don't know the full story but this made my blood pressure high. I was angry at the dad-to-be (taking his son away was not right, but so does what he did with that gun) to the point that I felt relieved when he got shot.

Author — ish


I love Sharon, she did everything she could and only when there was nothing else to do, she protected that baby!

Author — Taran


The fact that nobody ever tells him "Oh, so you really think you're ever gonna lead a good, normal life with your GF, your son and your parents-in-law, after THIS?? What are you gonna tell the kid when he starts asking 'Daddy, how was it when I was born?'" XD

Author — TheSudrianLiam


The dad to be was SO stupid bringing a gun to the hospital, shooting lily’s dad, expecting that he was gonna get away with this, thinking he could be a good father
He turned to violence instead of legally fighting for his son

Author — TheWeeb_lea•-•


He had no right to that child. Especially because the Mother is UNDER AGED.

Author — blahblahblah


She did the right thing. The only thing she could do to protect as many people as she could. He was so unstable I don’t think he’d have let anyone else live

Author — Alesha Lewer


It's his own fault. Did he really thought he would get away with this?

Author — 리사Liza


I feel bad for those two other patients that needed further treatment who weren't allowed to go.

Author — Jinx


Lmao the fact that he was surprised when she told him our relationship is over after he shot her dad and took her mom hostage

Author — Kevin Sam


Poor Lilly if having such an unexpected traumatic birth wasn’t enough her father got shot her mother taken hostage her baby almost kidknaped and her lover shot that is just 😬

Author — Xxxx El


Man. Feels bad for Will. Having to be threatened by a gun twice...

Author — Julia lam


This would only have ended one way. All the things he did are not the actions of a rational man. He didn't deserve his son.

Author — Redmond Peters


It´s admirable that after everything he did Goodwin was still offering to help but in the end Karma hit him VERY hard.

Author — 93Chowo-Entertainment


I love how this series is so realistic. Just another day at Chicago Med removing ingrowing toenails

Author — Janet Gough


I love how clueless Dr. Charles is in the end 🤣

Author — The Shell Diaries


the girl that plays lilly is absolutely amazing. like her voice and the amount of emotions in it

Author — Stephanie Oraisson


What was he thinking?? Like he'll actually make it out with the baby and start a life as a father? Like he won't eventually get caught for shooting two people, holding several hostages and kidnapping a baby? This man doesn't deserve to be a father.

Author — average YouTube consumer