How To Replace Bose QC35 Ear Pads ( i & ii )

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✅How To Install Bose qc35 replacement ear pads

These tutorial is made with Bose QC35 first gen, however it is universal for all of Bose QuietComfort OVER-EAR series.
All of the QuietComfort over-ear headphones series use the same method to install the ear pads.
quietcomfort35 i , quietcomfort35 ii

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Removing the Old Ear Pads
0:36 - *Optional, Replacing the screen mats
1:25 - How the ear pads stay in place
1:50 - Installing the new ear pad
2:40 - Testing that the pads are secured
2:52 - Ending

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I used my headphones for two years until it had ripped so much that I had no other option but to change the earpads. The feeling is so different lmao. Its great.

Author — IonAids


You make this look much easier than it actually is. I lost my patience so many times.

Author — TheMusicfan189


this makes me so happy. had my pair for aboit 3 years, and the cushions are in roughe shape. very happy to learn i can just replace that part

Author — theheebs100


Just finished installing my new wicked cushions on my QC35II. In the last week or so I noticed my original Bose cushions (silver) looked like bad a paint job on a car where the paint had started to flake off. I was a little concerned about the difficulty of the process and that I might break something but there's really nothing to it. Once you get the first few hooks seated your essentially home free. Definitely worth the price.



Great tutorial. Used this for a different brand of replacement pads but worked just the same. Thank you!

Author — Merc


Thank you so much! You extended the life of my headphones by another year or two with this video. Appreciate it a lot.

Author — Matt Lamb


Very helpful! Especially showing the little plugs that snap the pad!!! After checking other tutorials, yours was the one that helped me. Thanks

Author — Anis Hamm


thank you for the tutorial! im still a little scared to replace them that i may mess up, but mine ive had for like 3 years now somehow and they smell a bit sweaty :’)) so i will order replacement pads soon and hopefully they will be nice and fresh

Author — AnimatiönJüniper


Just installed snow camo on my qc35 and it took less than 5 minutes. Helpful tip with the hooks, thanks!

Author — John L.


Really impressed with the Wicked cushions I received today. After 3 years of owning the QC35, the factory cushions were falling apart and started smelling really bad since I get sweaty. After installing the new cushions, these headphones are like new again. The noise cancellation is hugely improved since it forms a tighter seal on my ears. And these actually seem more comfortable than the factory cushions even when they were new. Snow camo looks great and they are reasonably priced. Thank you!

Author — Toby Smith


Thank you so much! Instead of putting in the new pads one at a time, I pushed them all in until I heard the click. It was much easier for me!

Author — Erica Sofia


Thank you so much for making this video!!! It was so helpful!!!

Author — sharon


Thank you, love my red camo ear pads and I'm glad I replaced the screen mats because it was really dirty in there.

Author — Athiest Praying Mantis


Looks like i'll be making a purchase of your replacement pads soon. Mine are finally getting pretty worn. Love my headphones. Great investment for being able to work in comfort and a great listening experience.

Author — N. M.


Simple, effective and straight to the point, thank you!

Author — FrostyShark


Most affordable replacements I’ve found and they feel great. Also very easy to pop in, we’ll just see how they hold up now

Author — Christian Camacho


Just ordered from you guys! Thanks for the video demo!

Author — Web Surfer


was easy when you focus on the little clip.. thanks a lot
i think i gonna wear this BOSE for many years ..loook NEW now

Author — A2 Fng


Thank you for these instructions, they were very helpful!

Author — envanligfjant


Excellent guide, exactly what I was looking for. Just bought the Geo Grey ones.

Author — Austin Paiva