Zuiy, the disgusting animal

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Whole video revolves around 1:33

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lets take a moment to relax and look @ Yungsaphars in the lobby

Author — Dreamer_420


I'm a taxonomist and I would like to create a whole new species for Zuiy because his behavior is so unlike any other human I've seen before

Author — New Tenebrous


i love when people put irl issues into a block game, it shows how much of a serious matter this block game is

Author — Adam


Good luck with everything dude. Don't let him get to you.

Author — Falexie


it hurts to see someone take something so personal so lightly and heartlessly. he did the same thing with tene having cancer but u both took it rly well

Author — omar


zuiy was fighting neokox, who basically hasn't played since Kohi. zuiy was losing. zuiy got mad and started telling me to kill myself. then I told zeynah to join ts because this was funny. kinda my fault getting him in the ts, but I think this side of zuiy needed to be seen.

everyone go l ok at ihacklite's video, zuiy was making fun of when tene had/has cancer when they found his autoclicker hidden in his system32

Author — typa


I'm sorry that your dad died. That's some hard shit to go through, and the fact that Zuiy thinks he can insult you like that just because he has a larger following, is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. I seriously think that Zuiy has some sort of Sociopathy in his mind, and I really hope that he gets help as soon as possible.

Author — AnimatedAnimator


i feel bad for all what happened with you bro, get stronger and don't listen to these stupid people.

Author — iluxan


zeynah respect for not reacting to his bullshit, you're 100x the man he'll ever be

Author — ohshit


the same thing happened to iSparkton awhile back when logical made fun of his dead dad. I also agree that it's just plain wrong to want to wish horrible things like that upon other human beings. Just ignore the haters and stick with your true friends that care.

Author — LilJawz


Zuiy is the kind of kid that gets bullied in school, and takes his anger out on people in minecraft.

Author — Shimky


The things he does to get attention kinda tells a story about his life behind closed doors. People who go to such great lengths to get attention usually is a sign that he doesn't get much of it in real life

Author — Jinxful


I never knew your father passed away, i'm so sorry jojer. - Sizluh

Author — Sizluh


never heard of you before ihack, but i'm fucking pissed for you. kid's a monster.

Author — Kuo


Whenever I feel depressed, i watch a zuiy video. It works every time

Author — toast


yo sorry bout your dad, stay strong and who tf gives a damn about what zuiy says, he's got issues and we all know that

at least dreamer gave a laugh

Author — lefrost


That's really fucked up honestly. (In my opinion) Dude needs to be blacklisted from every server. Hope Zuiy realizes that his actions can affect someone irl. Jesus man what is this community...

Author — Braxton


Zenyah I love your videos keep up the hard work

Author — Whittyy


Hella funny how tene exposed him and he even admitted himself that the auto clicker is exactly what he used to use and he doesn't even admit he's auto clicking

Author — ikigai


You are a amazing person Zeynah Have a good day

Author — lain