MiBoxer C4 Smart Charger (Full Review)

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Today's Review is on the New MiBoxer C4 Smart Charger. The MiBoxer C4 is a very rugged and we'll built charger with a large easy to read and operate LCD Display. The charger is packed with great operating features and safety features build inside!
The C4 can charge all four battery bays at 800ma each independently from each other regardless of how many batteries are being charged at the same time!
This is by far the best charger I have tested yet and I will highly recommend it to those looking for a new charger!

Some Features:

Short circuit protection

Overcharge protection

Over discharge protect

Reverse polarity protection

Automatic battery detection, except LifePO4

Auto detect capacity and resistance

Small capacity battery charging

For more information on the MiBoxer C4 Smart Charger feel free to comment in the comments section or follow the link below to their website.

The charger is carried By Olight as part of the Olight X7 Marauder Kit which is available in the link below...

💬 Comments

very good review !!!   Thanks ( and very understandable, even for me, a dutch speaking Belgium guy )

Author — johan van hecke


I am new to being a flashlight enthusiast. So also new to all these smart chargers. I have watched a lot of reviews and researched online. It is very confusing. 90% of them look either exactly alike or very similar on the outside. And often the specs can be sketchy. Am I wrong in thinking they all pretty much use the same method of charging (usually not listed in specs) that is CC, CV -dV / dt or similar methods. In that they charge full amperage (often user selectable) to a certain point then lower the amperage to max voltage is obtained.

Author — TopDog8762


This review would have helped me decide if the discharging part was completed where the battery capacity in maH is displayed. That is a feature I am looking for in a new charger.

Author — tek man


Hello! Nice review. Do you think I could use this charger with some alligator clip cables to charge NiCd battery packs? Thanks!

Author — Max Headrom


how many C batteries do fit at same time ?

Author — cyberghost74


I just bought one, looked ok, but must be different firmware, the interface is really clunky & a pain to use, a long press of one button for some functions, short press for others & two rapid presses for others, also no up down means you have to scroll through menus, and, certainly with mine NO discharge function on any slot with this one either, also manual warns it cannot detect LiFe PO4 batteries automatically & you must set manually or risk explosion...which is a cheery thought if you aren't up to speed on different battery chemistry .
The only good thing they have changed is the silly plastic AAA adapter is no longer needed, I suspect that would get lost in no time, so glad that has gone at least.
It also list it now charges SC cells...(Sub C perhaps?)
Early days yet, but as I do own some LiFe PO4 cells I suspect this will end up being returned as it is too clunky to manually select each time & if i forgot I could destroy it...& these things cook off like a firework when they go too.
I've been to Miboxers web site & saw, briefly, they do a few versions now, a C4, a C4 Plus, a C4s, a C4 12, difficult to get much information though as the site was flickering like crazy & kept kicking me back to the home page...so great web design there guys...

Edit to add: It does also now do a "Restoration" charge, where if you have a battery that has been allowed to drop to 0v (totally flat zero volts) it will gradually increase the current & hopefully bring the cell back to life, usually a charger will see 0v & just sit there doing nothing, if the charger detects the low voltage cell is taking a charge it will continue to charge it, otherwise, if it refuses to charge it will show error as the cell is probably permanently damaged. This is a pretty useful feature & the first charger i've had with this facility, it would've been handy if it had a partial or storage charge facility to go with this too though

Author — J.Cheever Loophole


hello, did you test the battery charger in test mode, discharge mode, refresh mode?.. how is it?
can you make a video with these topics?
how are these modes used?

Author — Joel Enrique Rubiano Arevalo


How much did you spend for this? Great review I subscribed!

Author — Charles BridgTec


New version doesnt seem to do discharge on port 4

Author — gzcwnk


Why do battery guys always use crap multimeters? Good review I think you helped me decide to buy this charger.

Author — Mike oliver


Where to get those panasonic green protected 18650's from. Can i find them on AliExpress .

Author — African Twin


Will it discharge when the cell have IC 3000+mah ..?
In this case there are many cells have Max 2000 to 2500mah does not work in this case..?
I think it will discharge untill voltage cutoff when cell reaches 2.8v
Correct me if I'm wrong

Author — kmurali krishna


Do you know any nitecore charger with discharge mode?

Author — petros magaiver


You can adjust the ma charging rate to. A 18650 battery’s will last a lot longer if they are charged at 500ma. Also when you first insert a battery it will measure resistance to let you know what condition the battery is in before charging.

Author — James Shaffer


20700 don't fit. All 20700 I've tried are too tall.

Author — Dimensional Breads


what do i do if the led wont turn on its just dim blue lights on and not showing any info

Author — Eclipse E


0:47. Nickel Metal Hydrate...? I think you mean Nickel Metal Hydride?

Author — Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen