Speed (2/5) Movie CLIP - Jumping the Gap (1994) HD

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Speed (2/5) Movie CLIP - Jumping the Gap (1994) HD 4.5


Annie (Sandra Bullock) successfully jumps the bus over a gap in the freeway.

If you don't think Speed is the fastest-moving adventure film ever made, we challenge you to find a faster one. Keanu Reeves stars as an LA Bomb Squad specialist whose principal antagonist is elusive bomber-extortionist Dennis Hopper. Seeking vengeance after his latest ransom scheme is thwarted, Hopper presents a personal challenge to Reeves: A wired-for-destruction city bus, which will detonate if the speedometer drops below 50 MPH. Playing the reluctant civilian who is pressed into service as the bus' "substitute driver," leading lady Sandra Bullock became a major star in her own right. Once Speed gets to the meat of its story, the excitement never lets up--not even after the boobytrapped bus is out of the picture.

TM & © Fox (1994)
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Cast: Carlos Carrasco, David Kriegel, Richard Lineback, Joe Morton, Keanu Reeves, Alan Ruck, Sandra Bullock, Natsuko Ohama
Director: Jan de Bont
Producers: Ian Bryce, Allison Lyon Segan, Mark Gordon
Screenwriter: Graham Yost

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💬 Comments on the video

I think it was bus that couldn't slow down.

Author — Tom tonka


They actually made a bus jump in this scene. The only CGI is the gap.

Author — Shiranui Aensland


Even after seeing this scene and movie a billion times the tension is still there

Author — steven hernandez


While making Jaws, Peter Benchley complained about Steven Spielberg's decision to have the shark explode via a compressed air tank in its mouth. The director simply said that if he can make the audience commit to the story all the way to that moment, they wouldn't care about how unrealistic it was. By the same logic, Siskel & Ebert acknowledged the implausibility of this bus jump, but heavily praised it for being so much fun. That's how excitement in movies work, folks!

Author — jp3813


I can still hear the crowd cheering in the theaters when that bus landed. This was such a great film, one of my all time favorite movies!

Author — Manny G. Forever


In August 1994 my family moved into a new house that wasn't fully completed yet. We had no cable or tv antenna on the house, and the small tv top antennas didn't work well for us. The internet was dial up and we would get nagged to get off right away whenever we went on. It was hell. Then for Christmas we got Speed on VHS. It was the one thing my sister and I, both teens, and our little brother could always agree on. We watched it everyday, sometimes more than once a day, for a whole month. Then my parents got the cable hooked up. My mother said she couldn't listen to the Speed theme music anymore. This movie will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤️

Author — Kelly


Keanu had a crush on sandra. If only they dated. They would produce beautiful children

Author — Firehorse


An almost flawless action film. Since 1994, only a handful of films have come close to matching this masterpiece.

Author — 33hegemon


Far fetched, but hey, who cares. Reeves and Bullock did good!!!!

Author — Stephen Williams


Laughing at all those comments moaning about the physics of the scene. It's a bloody movie, for goodness sake.

Author — Julio Delgado


**tries to do it in GTA v, bus falls in water**

Author — Nick Playz


0:23 Guys on the back of the truck are in fast forward lol.

Author — Nord


somtimes i forget this movie is over 20 years old... time sure flies these days.

Author — davidevgen


To be kids in theaters holding our chairs and bending like we were the passengers too. One of the best theaters moments ever. We made it 😊

Author — Tricia Kah


Incredible acting from Sandra Bullock at 1:02

Author — Josh F


the most terrifying moment of childhood :)

Author — annie porter


I remember a few years back, this was actually qualified as 'plausible', you just need the right incline/angle and uhm speed

Author — Vin ce


This scene makes absolutely no sense. The bus may be going fast, but there's not even a ramp on the road - so how could the bus make it to the other side? Even in an action film, this is pushing it

Author — Mr. Eye


In this alternate universe Miles Dyson works with the police after destroying Cyberdyne and Skynet

Author — M Pa


0:09 u can c the shadow of the actual bridge they edited over

Author — matthew natividad