Stephen King Got Blocked On Twitter By Trump

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Stephen King Got Blocked On Twitter By Trump 5

'The Outsider' author Stephen King talks Trump, his new book, and some never-before heard truths about his preview works.

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I mean if STEPHEN KING says that you're creepy...

Author — Camila ,


If you creep out Stephen King, you know you're a psychopath.

Author — Andrej Nikolov


If Stephen King of all people says you’re creepy, you can’t argue.

Author — Alia Mahmoud


When I die I want to be assigned to the cloud where Stephen King is telling bedtime stories.

Author — CuriousCanuck


Maybe Trump blocked Steven King bc he doesn't know him. After all the guy doesn't know how to read.

Author — Naghmeh Salek


I never realized Stephen King was such a funny guy!

Author — Nick Z


Stephen King is an American icon, a true cultural giant . Very few in this world has not read a Stephen King book or saw a SK movie .

Author — homan2329


I would vote for Stephen King before Trump

Author — Catherine Hooper


Just when I thought I couldn't love Stephen King more...

Author — Colleen S.


Stephen king just said “I blocked his ass” 😂😂

Author — Catastrophe


If Stephen king wrote a story about trump and pence I'd definitely read it.

Author — Ivy


This video should be titled “Almost 8 minutes of Stephen King Roasting Trump and Pence”

Author — Hector Pereda


I also got blocked by Donald Trump. It's now on my resume ;)

Author — Melissa H


Stephen King got a medal of honor from Obama and got a Trump Twitter block.


Author — Jowana Bueser


I’ve read everything this man ever published. If he’s creeped out by a human, be afraid

Author — Shawn Baker


Stephen King, your books saved my teenage self in the late 80’s and early 90’s. First book I ever read for pleasure was Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Blew my mind! Then I went and read The Talisman, a work by you and Peter Straub. Then I read Christine. Next thing you knew I was at the library twice a week returning and withdrawing everything you wrote from then on. I was 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, etc. reading everything you wrote. I picked up some Patricia Cornwell and Clive Barker and many others. But your books were always my favorites. Like coming home. My favorite of yours was a short story you wrote under the name of Richard Bachman... The Long Walk. Thank you for improving my vocabulary and inspiring my creativity. You’re still my hero. A father figure when I never had one. You’re the best of the best!

Author — edith bunker


He's intelligent, creative and talented - and today I've found out that he's also extremely funny and charismatic. You just can't dislike this man.

Author — INESSA


"It looks like his hair just snaps Now that was funny as hell.

Author — Nancy Desch


How the hell do you creep out Stephen King??
Be Mike Pence

Author — Arman Choudhary


Baron: "Daddy why can't i go to the premier of "IT" with my friends?"

Trump: "Well ya see son...something terrible fun of me on the internet"

Author — guthax30