[FULL MOVIE] I DIE ALONE (Korean War Action) 2013

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Full-length feature film I DIE ALONE (2013) from Wild Dogs Productions. Starring Carl Schreiber, Jeremy Koerner, Marc Litman, Michael Nose. Written and directed by Michael Fredianelli.

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Good drama except where it drags along...
But when they got to the "abandoned" base, that's where I drew the line.
 This looks a whole lot like Fort Ord Calif. The condition of the buildings in the movie, show years and years of neglect, and water damage. Not something that occurs inside 3 years
1942 style wooden barracks were NOT erected in Korea.
Our troops lived in either Tents, or in easily fabricated corrugated buildings, called Quonset huts.

 Besides, with building materials as scarce as they were, any abandoned building would
soon be cannibalized by the Korean populace, right down to the very last nail and splinter.

and as for tunnels Like Vietnam, Sure.... If you can shovel thru solid rock!
 Had it been a cave, I would have felt somewhat better about it.
 Korea is mostly Mountains, not low flatlands like a lot of "Nam.
But yes, it's just a movie, with a lot of license, being taken

Ex member of the 120th Engineer Co. US ARMY Engineer Corps.


Author — flightLdr1


A great movie, enjoyed till the end.

Author — jedus007


looks like a pretty good story. A bigger budget would help but what the heck. Gotta put some imagination into it. Got to start some where. Good drama...

Author — SaskShark


Early in the movie, one GI in the dugout is reading a Playboy magazine. The war ended in July '53, and the first Playboy issue was in December '53, about five months later. Ooooh, time travel, too!.

Author — Gary Williams


If you want to watch a movie about the Korean War, I suggest "woody woodpecker meets Frankenstein" which would actually more authentic than this.

Author — Michael Warne


I enjoyed the entire movie, although I'm not sure how historically accurate, it is, overall. I did notice that on one letter home, I saw a zip code. And zip codes did not come into use until the mid 1960s. That was one historical inaccuracy I'm sure of. I also have this question. Would an Army private - who was delivering mail - have been walking around in the war zone dressed in civilian clothes and alone??
Not to mention the deserted base they came to near the end of the movie. Why would our military just leave an entire post deserted? They never explained that and it didn't make much sense to me.
Also, were there tunnels in Korea similiar to the ones I've heard about in Vietnam?



philippines protect korea in war! while others country that who join to protect on it has withdrawn from the war!.

Author — JCueva


wow just wow I wish we had M4A3E8 Sherman

Author — Jonathon Tyynismaa


The bearded 'officer' is absurd. Spoils any chance that I could take this film seriously.

Author — Baskerville22


My dad has known Carl Schreiber since he was a kid, and I've met Carl before.

Author — CivilWarWashington


their clothes are too clean in the battle scene.

Author — Irvanditha Hermawan


I would have left that guy with the bomb. He looks like a spy.

Author — elan really


Katanga naman ng sundalong yan..
Weird movie especially the stupid guy, , so coward.

Author — Well Coronel


Thanks for posting.
I don't get hung up with historical accuracy in these movies because that seldom happens, so just a story. My BIGGEST disappointment was that finch survived, from the first 20 minutes to the end i kept wanting him to die, i know he was the main character but still, main characters get killed in the story sometimes.

Author — ansahs ansah


If I had the money I would make a movie about Korea

Author — Brandon Valentine


my pappaw was a sniper in korea, when he passed away he left me his springfield, his service rifle, its my most sherished and prized possession, ive dropped many a deer whit that old gun, the funny thing is its never been scoped, he used iron sights a notepad and binoculars, and thats just how i hunt with it, except his hunt was much different, my respect and prayers go out to all those who witnessed the horrors of the forgotten war, the war in korea

Author — REM700sniper@playstation network


why didnt he go back the way he came and report back to his unit

Author — bruce miles


Why are the N Koreans using M1 Garands

Author — Blackie Chong


The private Finch z so stupid n disgust# He can't think thru his sentient mind for a second.

Author — gideon acqauh


Look like GIs were fighting against Mexican! North Korean soldiers should be much shorter and lighter.

Author — ironcheftw