Nekropolis / Peter Frohmader – Cultes Des Goules (Ballett Of Death)

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Peter Frohmader is one of the most secluded composers of the new German electronic music (Muenchen, to be exact).
Cultes Des Ghoules (Nekropolis, 1985 - Cuneiform, 1995), on the other hand, is his Gothic masterpiece, in which the horror themes of his early work find an existentialist accommodation and provoke dark masses of sound in perpetual, but indefinable, motion (something analogous to the clouds of a thunderstorm). In the somber lyricism of his scores, one senses an allegory of the human condition in the technological age.


1. Cultes Des Goules Part 1 00:00
2. Cultes Des Goules Part 2 22:27

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Very special n great.
"Hypnotic Clouds in the 'Mouth' "🦧...

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