Police chief to Trump: Please, keep your mouth shut if you can't be constructive

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Police chief to Trump: Please, keep your mouth shut if you can't be constructive 4.5

Houston police chief Art Acevedo responds to President Trump telling governors to "dominate" protesters saying that if Trump if can't be constructive to stay quiet.

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Its about time someone says somethings that makes sense. We need that positive attitude. Thanks, Chief

Author — Mattie Nettles


How is it that every speaker is a better American than our President? Mind boggling.

Author — armen the man


We love you thank you for standing up for America, we love you 😘

Author — maxine lee


WOW ... now, that was a REAL interview with a man of HONOR and HEART, YEAH, HE is right

Author — Flying Cigano


“This is not Hollywood, this is real life”. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Author — Violeta Godino


Good Police Chief. Yes love, respect, intergrity Sir. Regardless of race, country, religion...., we r all human. Fr Singapore

Author — R


He is a real man, a real leader, strong, integrity, big heart and intelligent, he won my heart.

Author — Apple Pear


The chief knows about how essential respect is a huge part of leadership . Mr Trump is devoid of respect

Author — M In


A person's character affects how they lead. A leader's character consist of their true nature guided by their conscience, which affects their moral attitudes and actions.



The solution is simple: hold bad cops accountable, just like the rest of us.

Author — Boxing Proff


Omg absolutely absolutely 100% right...

Author — Claudine Shirley


Bless that Police Chief for stating that.

Author — Skyrocketcoast


This man just earned my complete respect with his first words at bat. Immensely

Author — Thomas Crane


Madam Amanpour, you are a delight to listen to when interviewing. You are so focused and relevant in your work.

Author — Maina Mwareri


This is exactly what Trump's parents should have told Trump as a child.

Author — David J


One of the most constructive and positive statements that I have heard throughout all these problems, clearly a leader who knows what he is talking about and is seeking constructive solutions. We need more positive and dynamic leaders rather than self serving load mouths who are only interested in their own position. Thank you Chief I wish you and all your officers well!

Author — Griffiths36


This officer and Chief is so correct on what he says.

Author — Ronald Butler


Thank God for the Police they protected me and my home when I needed help so many...times I always told them they r hero may God keep em safe ...thank u and this gentleman being strong we admire him Bravo Mr hope u didn't get fired ...

Author — Carmen Smith


Wow, imagine all police with this mentality. Good cops need to rule out bad cops.

Author — Oscar Rodriguez


They should be using this in the campaign ad's, as trump still going on about it.

Author — Sakurakuro