Knack 2 (dunkview)

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The most anticipated game of the century. Knack 2 continues the epic storyline of Knack 1, except this time you have to fight the Goblin King to resurrect Megatron so that he can use his laser to shoot the robot from Megazord. But will Knack be able to harness the power of the crystals in time?

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Knack 2 really makes the player feel like batman.

Author — SwirvyGurvy


Fun fact, this video has more views than the promotional materials for both knack 1 and knack 2 combined.

Author — Vishnu Theetharappan


I honestly think that Knack 2 wouldn't exist without Dunkey's endorsement of the first game.

Author — Brian Vaira


Imagine how many people actually played Knack 1 or 2 because of Dunkey.

Author — D4C


If Knack 2 is so good, then why isn't there a Knack 2 2.

Author — Aamer Asim


I wasn’t convinced at first but when he said you can play as ice knack, that convinced me.

Author — The One and Only Bismarck


Dunkey is better at hyping Knack than the people paid to do it.

Author — Tomoko Kuroki


“So strong”
“That’s Knack for ya”

This is Sony’s “please clap” moment

Author — Squim


The Reason Half-life 3 is not out yet is because gabe knew that it wouldn't stand a chance with knack still in the market

Author — Aaron Kai Mcdonald


Who's here after they didn't announce Knack 3 at the PS5 reveal event :(

Author — Jesterday Plays


*"ice is nice"*
everyone's heads explode from the shocking revelation of the millenium

Author — golli gato


The graphics in Knack 2 are so advanced that you can actually SMELL and TASTE each of the small cubes that constitute Knack's body. And they have all different kinds of tastes, such as wet copper for example

Author — Fabio Fabiobio


This game is so good, I can't wait for the sequel, *KNACK 2 2* baby

Author — Fuqi


1:58 one of the funniest dunkey moments hands down

Author — Brendeezy


My favorite part in Knack is when the bad guy says "You're getting on my nerves" to which Knack replied "I have knack for that!" Still gives me chills to this day.

Author — Zaidan Ahnaf


Knack IIII is going to be the most anticipated game in the history of time the graphics will be so realistic that not even Picasso can draw it it's going to be the next generation of "realisticness" and fun

Author — _Sls


Sony needs to hire dunkey, clearly the actual mascots aren’t doing their job.

Author — Konrad Horabik


2:35 - 2:46 absolutely kills me every time I watch it

Author — Jetpack Gamer


Every week or two I come back and rewatch this video to be reminded of the beauty that remains in this broken world

Author — Punished JoJonah


0:23 To think this guy went from Knack to delivering a conference on the PS5's hardware, truly Knack was a masterpiece.

Author — 0Bennyman