CNN calls on President Trump to denounce horrific anti-media shooting video

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CNN calls on President Trump to denounce horrific anti-media shooting video 3

CNN and other reporters have called on President Trump to denounce a fake video of him shooting members of the news media. According to The New York Times, the clip appears to be edited from a church massacre scene in the 2014 movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service." #CNN #News

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So you're telling President Trump that if he doesn't denounce a meme, he supports the violence depicted in it?

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Author — Mr. Snarky


Dude this meme is golden, it’s humor nothing more. You guys are absolutely insane, ITS ONLY A MEME lmfao

Author — Evan Bullock


“We can’t show this video because it is so disgusting!”

The movie is 14A.

Author — Happy Water Studio’s


I really can’t tell if this is a SNL skit

Author — B 81


Awesome Meme... Upset I didn't create this masterpiece

Author — Kal Kush


hollywood attempted to make a movie where elites hunt and kill conservatives and the fake news loved it now they cry about some fake video

Author — PorkyPricklyPants


Remember Kathy Griffin holding a prop trump's head with red on it to symbolise murder.
You guys don't denounce that.

Author — Trans Conservative waifu


So, CNN and MSNBC are mum when Kathy Griffin holds Trump's severed head in her hand.

Author — Joe DeBaun


I hope south park makes an episode like this

Author — Justin Cheung


Well then Waters should be called out for her violent attacks on republicans

Author — Mimi Jacobson


Remember that play in central park that depicted Trump being stabbed?

Author — Bright Garinson


lmfao This is hilarious. The mainstream media is a joke.

Author — Casual Goats


These people are so funny. Rather than report on reality, they report on “mean memes” and try to equate them to real life... 🤦🏻‍♂️ *FAKE NEWS*

Author — Robert Smalls


I can’t help but think of Mark Dice when I hear Brian Stelter’s little girl voice.

Author — Fancy Name


CNNs hypocrisy is staggering.
No mention of the anti-Trump violence in media, movies, and real-life.

Author — B C


who said leftists lack a sense of humour and exaggerate everything they disagree with to paint themselves as the perpetual, virtuous say that....

Author — Brodie Keown


No one:
Absolutely no one:
CNN: cares what CNN does

Author — Top Kek M9


Why its a movie!! Thats the best meme ever!!!!

Author — Raspy Bob


"Heads up Liberals... 2020's gonna sting." -Guy in random Trump wins video.

Author — Melvin Taintstein


You sound like your trying to convince each other because you believe it that little lol 😂

Author — Cole Thompson