The Economics Explained Mistakes of 2019

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The Economics Explained Mistakes of 2019 5

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Here we are ... 2 days before the end of the decade.

It's hard to imagine a better time to reflect! For this video, we'll refer to the mistakes that were made in the conveyance of information discussed on this channel in the videos EE produces for our audience.

... Enjoy as EE reflects!


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Author — Economics Explained


Good to see intellectual honesty in action. Many other YouTube channels would benefit from this approach. Thanks for this video.

Author — andy fletcher


Ehm, in the list of silly mistakes you said that in your maps the Netherlands apparently owned a bit of France.
That piece of land is actually about half of Belgium.

Author — Thomas de Ruiter


2:34 lol, actually it's Belgium, but the existence of that country is debatable enough as it is, so we'll let you off the hook

Author — Jan Sanono


i am a huge fan of this channel and always wanted to point out the ‘’but’’ and ‘’now’’ moments, however, i did not do it. hearing that i’m not alone at the end of this video felt good hahaha 😂

Author — Aminium Music


I'm really glad you made this video. Everyone makes mistakes. Keep up the good work.

Author — Isaac Logsdon


*#1: Not saving that penny you dropped a couple months ago*

Author — Fingering Things ✔️


What about that time you woefully misspelled "bureaucracy?"

Author — ralusek


Can you unlist and link the tirckle down videos instead of deleting them they were your first vidoes and I have weird nostaglia for them lol

Author — Thezebraherd


"Johannesburg is not a nation"

Well, not with that attitude!

Author — Nick Andrews


8:30 idk, objectivity isn't the same as neutrality.
Say, there's no "two sides" on global warming.

Author — HVallejo B.


I love the "nows" n mean buts" its like your calling card

Author — RSI Raistlin


*it's cool to reflect on your mistakes, it's how we grow And learn* 💪🌚

Author — Black Vito - Moneyology


1:35 we have a lot in common on your recommends. wendover, visual politics, coldfusion, kurzgusagt, real life lore, polymatter, and more

Author — Shem Rafael Sasil Andong


Best video idea ever. we need this from every news outlet monthly... keep it up man! maybe someone else will start doing it too

Author — EliteSniperTV


Love the honesty and humility, this has quickly become my favorite channel!

Author — Marcus Mauer


I'd wish you'd make a video about the economy of California and especially on their progressive taxation system and how it affects the state.
And overall just keep up the good work and happy new year to everyone!

Author — Pocki


I think you made a mistake regarding the map of the Netherlands. A part of Flanders (Belgium) was included, not France.

Author — Arthur Mertens


9:51 How can you not start this section with 'now' smh. Biggest mistake in tbis channel by far :)

Author — Gav


It's always good to see that one takes the accuracy of one's content seriously, too few YT'bers do that.
Have a nice 2020!

Author — Marijn Buitenweg