How to get a matte black finish with spray cans

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Hey guys! I’m Brad, and I make how-to videos. I do custom painting projects, guitar painting, airbrushing, spray can painting, wood working, and a variety of other finishing work and tutorials. Please subscribe and check out my channel for more!

In this video we discuss the process for doing a matte finish paint job. In particular, I demonstrate how to accomplish it with spray cans that are readily available at many hardware stores. Matte finishes have several disadvantages when compared with gloss finishes, but are easier to paint and hide imperfections much better than gloss does. I explained the disadvantages in my video regarding issues with matte paint jobs. Please check it out on my channel for more information.

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Thanks so much, Brad! Very clear and well-presented advice. My flat-black slide guitar is looking awesome.

Author — Jack Stiteler


Thank you a TON! I am re-doing my motorcycle and your spray paint tutorials have helped immensely!

Author — Shaun McAnulty


Thanks for this. Two questions: 1) Do you typically sand after second coat of paint before hitting with matte clear? 2) How much time do you wait for the paint to dry before the clear?

Author — This Guy


Followed your very detailed guide and my rebuilt guitar turned out great!
Was going for Jim Root's black strat signature model.

Author — CCJ's Random Videos


Great videos, all of them! I stumbled upon them because I want to paint my guitar (DIY kit) matte black. So far, I have little experience painting anything with spray cans, and I am worried about "orange peel" is that a similar issue with matte paint? Do you have any tips on how to avoid them?

Author — Michael Volk


Thank you for the great video. Say you wanted to spray paint a handlebar (meaning you have few exposed areas) would you consider dropping the clear layers? Also, thinking about possible thickness issues (when sliding the controls back in place), should I remove the paint completely first? And would I need a different primer for the metal surface then?

Author — Yani Kartalis


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I'm planning to repaint my diecast car model to matte black. Hope I can do it successfully. Just subscribed to your channel 😊

Author — Onii Chan


Hey Brad! great video. i have a question. 2 days ago i painted my speakers matte black using spray cans however i did not use the clear coat as i was not aware. the final product looks great, but i noticed the paint was not durable at all. is it okay to spray matte clear coat now?

Author — krishna jawda


Finally a finish I can use some cheap enamel on and not go through the tedious wait for nitro to dry. I think my beat up Tele bass is about to go black... vid still helping people 3 years later Brad. Nice job.

Author — John G


Hi Brad, Love the videos. I plan on creating a dual finish on my guitar body, half with a satin wood finish and the other half with matte white paint, in what order do you think i should apply the two finishes?

Author — Keaton Odling-Thomas


Hey man! Youre awesome! I was doing more research and this was actually my first choice of a paint job on my Jaguar guitar project! I may actually so this instead, but the stain is definately something I wanna do too lol! Anyway your videos are awesome! Thanks a bunch man!

Author — Jie Lee


Great stuff... doing a guitar and this helped a lot. Had a question(s) though... if I did a few coats of satin or matte black (not decided yet) then follow up with the satin/matte clear, can I wet sand the clear when done? I'm certain if I did 4-6 coats of clear for a good solid coating, it probably won't be as smooth as I'd like. Would wet sanding be a good idea? would it be a good idea to sand before applying the clear if runs/ripples? Also... if wanting a satin/matte finish, does the black coat have to be satin/matte?

Author — Thomas Robinson


Hello Brad, thank you for the great videos! I’m currently working on a guitar project. I’m using the rustoleum 2x paints, black for the primer, and the satin charcoal grey as the final color. I’m looking for a matte finish, but I haven’t been able to find the grey in a flat(not sure they make it). My first question, am I ok to use a matte clear over a satin color? Question 2: Would you recommend a 2k matte clear instead of rustoleum’s 2x matte clear? I plan on adding graphics(headstock badge) before I actually spray the clear. Question 3: How long should I wait for the color to dry before I do that? Thanks in advance!

Author — dreadwolfe


Hey Brad! Hope you're well? Thanks for the video. I have a question... Im spraying my guitar with cans. My goal is to ultimately NOT have a totally glossy finish. However, the colour that I want to use (from the store) is gloss. Is there a way for me to still use the colour, but then apply a matt / satin clear cloat to reduce the gloss of the paint layers underneath? Do you think this will work (in the first place) and stick properly to the glossy paint? Thanks in advance!

Author — Craig Campbell


Brad, your videos have been a great help finishing the guitars I build. Thanks dude.

Author — Pundit Point


Brad, good tutorial!, question here, I painted a guitar using matte polyurethane clear coats, it looks good in general, but some parts of the guitar have a grainy feel, I believe its caused from overspray when painting the other parts of the guitar... any advice to avoid this issue? I dont really know how to solve it as I cant polish or sand as I would do with a clear shinny finish. Someone told me I should use more thinner / diluyent on my mix, and to try to spray faster to reduce / avoid this issue.... what u think? Thanks n greetings from Mexico!

Author — Alfredo Jared Rivera López


Hi Brad, I'm not great at spray painting at all and sometimes get a slightly noticeable build up with my matte finish. I have not put the clear finish on because of this. Any suggestions on fixing the build up? Saw some of your vids on it, but not sure which way to go.

Thanks for the help!

Author — Kevin Infante


Hey brad great vids man, im in the process of repainting my strat and had a question. Looked through other comments but couldn't find exactly what I'm thinking about. I have a gloss color and matte clear coat. Can i flash clear coat it? I dont really care if it's matte or clear it's just what I have already. I see you told others to wait a few days and then re-sand and apply the matte clear. What will the result be if i just wait the 10 mins and hit it with the matte clear after gloss color?

Author — Mordecai


Great video! I do have a question. I really like the 2k ultra cover glossy navy blue spray can, but i would like a matt finish on my motorcycle gas tank.
My question is, if i use the 2k ultra cover matt clear spray can will it give me that matt finish that i want?

Author — ThroughMyEyes


Hey Brad, thanks for the video. I have a very ornate gold painting frame that I want to spray paint this matte black. Is it fine that I can’t sand it? Its not a flat surface, there are a bunch of grooves and textures, so I just want to make sure that I won’t ruin it by trying something like this.

Author — Cellist