Stay-at-home orders for MN

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Stay-at-home orders for MN 4.5

Gov. Tim Walz has ordered Minnesotans to stay at home for two weeks to slow the spread of the coronavirus and prevent it from overwhelming the health care system. The order begins at midnight Friday.

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been staying at home here in California for about a week now. reminds me of snow days in minnesota growing up

Author — favs a


Anybody still stupid enough to contradict or take a cheap shot at President Trump? Trump for Mt. Rushmore 2Q2Q!

Author — Darrel sibbet


sheltering in place in Apple Valley - good luck everybody

Author — cheese chisel


Staying at home in South Dakota 🙏 for you to get well soon

Author — Kathryn Dahl


If you were infected with covid-19, let’s talk about how or where you think you might have got infected?

Author — K S


Ya supposed to stay at home ya gonk 😤😤😤

Author — MegaMissfitz


Notice how he uses the word sacrifice when he's not sacrificing a thing... This guy is a former first sergeant he's a great order-taker for the, military state... of the New World Order, he came out of nowhere.

Author — Ken Barb


Monday and is worst than before jajaja now evry body is a walker sudenly parks are full of walkers and more cars than before why?

Author — ronal Vazquez


It's just the flu people wake up. Instill fear in people a and control people. This governor must go.

Author — Eugene Poncelet


Minnesotans should be proud of their Governor. Well done sir.

Author — Mark Schwietz


We are very fortunate to have Governor Walz! 🇺🇸

Author — Steve Moravec