5 Phenomenal Science Stunts, Done with Dry Ice

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5 Phenomenal Science Stunts, Done with Dry Ice 5

What happens when Mad Science meets Dry Ice? Find out in this mind-blowing compilation of 5 "super-cooled" science experiments.

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Dry Ice is extremely cold! (-78C/-109F) and can cause instant frost-bite to exposed skin. Many of these demonstrations should only be attempted by professionals or skilled physics demonstrators. Misuse, or careless use may result in serious injury. These projects and results are portrayals of my own personal experiences. Your results may vary depending on your location, experience, and modifications to project ideas. There may be risks associated with some of these projects that require adult supervision, and possibly others that I'm not aware of. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Project Inspired By:

The results of playing with the dry ice I made in a previous project. Since then, I’ve wanted to do a compilation of a few “mad science” type demonstrations, and with it being October, dry ice seemed appropriate! If you check out any of these sources that inspired me, please let them know that Grant Thompson sent you. :) Inspiration credits as follows;

2. Dry Ice Popsicle: Original idea (Original to me anyway)
4. Soul Sucking: Original idea (Original to me anyway)

Project History & More Info:

In this video you'll see how to;

- Make a “cryogenic napalm” that will flash freeze a gummy worm in seconds
- Use dry ice to make a popsicle
- See what liquid CO2 looks like
- Suck vapor to create an eery Halloween effect
- Start a metal fire that not even dry ice can put out

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Now I can prove my science teacher that dry ice can be in liquid form.

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"For this next experiment we need to be away from anything flammable"

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and also if you stick your tongue into the vapour (caused by dropping dry ice into warm water) it tastes like sherbet lemon! (plz like so people can see)

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