How I play Craft the World Super Fast Mode in less than 50mins!

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HEY! so sorry if it's a little too fast for pure beginners but if you had played some of it before it should be no problem understanding what I've done.

At the surface I've manage to level them straight and clear all stones or sand, making sure they are soil so that trees can grow from it, that way I won't have problems with forest resources.

Most of the branches holes I've made i will patch them up to avoid possible weak spots where the enemy might come through.

You could make a pond but i didn't cause fishing is mainly for food and I had enough wheat from farming to make food that could last really long. Also you want to make sure they have more than one options of food else they will complain and stop eating.

Let me know if you like it and if you want to see more or me playing another type of game just leave a comment, I will read everything and I will consider making more, CHEERS!

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Commendable. I subscribe. Would have been great to show your defence in action at least once in slow mo

Author — chislo2011


Good on ya for not abusing the portal spell.

Author — Muscles Glasses


10 MINS IN ... doesn't feel like a fast play, lol

Author — 50 Shades of Skittles


for the first level. you HAVE to buy your endgame items. there literally isn't enough resources to tech up. exp that silver weapons stage. that just blows. everything you make barely gives you credit. and silver arrows are just as effective as silver swords (which cost 4 silver bars apace) and only fills 1/40th of the bar. good luck with that.

Author — danz409


enemy unit will only dig blocks that placed by you, so if you dig a big hole on the left and right of your base, they will not be able to reach your base, unless they have enough units to stack up(skeleton with shield) or goblins that able to place ladder, a block of falling sand can solve. so you dont need your dwarf involve in fighting which benefits you in the long term.

Author — Narf03


bruh the video is only under 50 mins bc the video its self and the game is speed up lol

Author — Cfop Method