Trump Brags About His 'Natural Instinct For Science'

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Trump Brags About His 'Natural Instinct For Science' 5

Donald Trump dusted off a favorite phrase while discussing climate changing, saying there are scientists 'on both sides.'

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Trump has a natural instinct for saying stupid BS.

Author — Kim Jong Fun


Yeah, the dude with a "natural instinct for science" looked directly at the sun during the eclipse.

Author — Scott Plumer


"I have an uncle, great professor at MIT. Never talked to him about any of this stuff, but I have a natural instinct for science."

I'm waiting for the first interviewer to break out in laughter and call him an idiot to his face. Can't believe it hasn't happened already, tbh.

Author — criscros7


The only thing more disgraceful & embarrassing for this country than having Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Is having Trump as our president.

Author — Ronald


Just imagine the global celebration the day Trump leaves office. It will be unmatched in history.

Author — Fix News


Trump thinks he's "entertaining". No, he's just a trainwreck that no one can look away from. Obama danced, photoshopped memes, roasted the media, and brought jokes. Bush & Clinton also had charm and a good rapport with the ppl. None of them were perfect presidents by any means, but neither made me spit out my juice everytime he opened his mouth or make my skin crawl by ogling his daughters. I don't like either Dems or Republicans, and I've voted on both sides of the aisle in the past for various elections, but this "entertaining" circus needs to end.

Author — YourMajesty143


"I like beer" ... will never ever get old. It's right up there with "Covfefe".

Author — You're Terrible Muriel


Trump saying "I have a natural instinct for science" made me blow beer out of my nose. Ironic, because soon I may have to pay through that same nose to replace the beer I lost.

Author — fragger


Who does this remind us of?
Reading developmental stages - this is a preschooler - -the child is unable to see the viewpoint of other, uses many words but without real knowledge of the meaning of the words, exhibits magical thinking and believes that thought are all powerful. (Kelley & Masters).

Author — R. B.


Trump has a natural instinct for science like a blind man has an instinct for parkour.

Author — Robbie Backpacking


Actually, we might have stumbled onto something here. If Trump sincerely thinks that being related to someone with higher education makes you naturally smarter somehow - that degrees can be genetic, essentially - that would explain many things about Trump University.

Author — Azure Balmung


Everyday, an endless flow of stupid comes out of 45's mouth, and it's getting worse. "Instinct for science"? Please people, VOTE BLUE! That's the only way Meuller has a chance to give us justice.

Author — Tammy Truth out


trump & his family do have Natural Instinct For TAX EVASION!!!

Author — Peace ToAll


"I have a natural instinct for science."
- Hehe... The American people voted that moron president.... and 30% still believes he's a

Author — M.Linoge


Stephen: Beer Pricing could go up because of Climate Change.
Guy in audience:
ME: LMAO 😂😂😂

Author — CozmicSaber's Opinions


Trump has a natural instinct for fabricating the truth and that's about making America stupid again....

Author — Gethsemane


@3:25 *Drumpf* is a total idiot. Doing things by _instinct_ is completely *not* how science does things. _Instinct_ is how people used to *die.*

Author — Charles-A Rovira


It's weird how things like that about Trump could have been way funnier if he wasn't president. Now it's just profoundly embarassing and scrary.

Author — ChaoticPesme75


they should name a straightjacket after this very delusional little man.

Author — Pat Brennan


Trump: “Stormy, you remind me of my horseface daughter, Ivanka.”

PS Trump has a Natural Instinct for Bankruptcy.

Author — Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :