Game of Thrones 5x09 - Drogon rescues Daenerys

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Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 9

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I like how Drogon seems mortal. He was taking damage. Not enough to be permanent, but it helps explain why there aren't thousands of dragons flying around everywhere. An army of spears and arrows could kill them.

Author — TrueUnderDawgGaming


This whole show was like a beautiful marriage that ended in a nasty divorce...

Author — EinFreundOderNicht


I'll never forget how terribly this show ended.

Author — Sklilx


Danny is that friend who calls an uber among a group of friends and then leaves without others.

Author — naanstop


_And for the first time in hundreds of years, a Targaryen took to the skies._

Author — Hide


Shout out to the unsullied that got burned alive for defending their queen...

Author — TheJPJT1234


God, whenever I'm stuck watching old GoT scenes.. I'm also getting so mad because Dumb & Dumber fucked it up so bad..

Author — Bern Esch


Everyone is a gangsta until a dragon arrives, and turns people into chicken nuggets. 🤔

Author — Cromwells Ghost


Drogon always reminded me of charizard when he wouldn’t obey ash lol

Author — Atom Ackerman


I need to find myself an Jorah my god the love and loyalty is here!

Author — Rebelle Game


Everyone: "Save Daeny!!"
Drogon: "I'm here to save Daeny too!"
Daeny: gets on Drogon's back and peaces tf out without so much as a good luck to the rest of you chumps

Author — C G


If you ever feel stupid think about the guy at 6:46 who tried to charge at Dany right in front of Drogon

Author — André Serra


Everytime Tyrion see Drogon fly, shoot fire, or something else amazing, Tyrion always give that amazed and curious look like it's his first time ever seeing Drogon, lol, I love it.

Author — Tia g


It's somehow cute how small Drogon was at this point.

Author — LCJ


Daenerys before drogon arrives :
We are going die together

Daenerys after drogon arrives:
Sorry, my rides here

Author — rudraksh ahlawat


Some of the scenes in this show's first five seasons are still impossible to watch without getting goosebumps.

Author — Ayush G


Tyrion is such an unsung hero. the way he saved Missandei? that's my dream man right there

Author — Shea Middendorf


When Drogon leaps into the air with Dany it’s so bloody epic. The music, cinematography... just such a rush. Goosebumps and everything

Author — Dreamer_49


What an incredible serie, what a Shame that the end were a piece of shit.

Author — Misael Fuentes


Drogon was secretly the main hero and protagonist of GoT. He destroyed the Iron Throne, the source of all evil and pain.

Author — DayvinDazone