Gutfeld reacts to Mitt Romney's attack on Trump

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Gutfeld reacts to Mitt Romney's attack on Trump 4.5

Mitt Romney and President Trump engage in a war of words. Reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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Romney is a piece of sanctimonious, revenge-seeking RINO refuse!

Author — Hernan Visani


Poor Mitt. He wish he was a man. He looks at Trump and cries “God, why can’t I be a man too”!!!!

Author — Hail William Wallace


Mitt can’t lead
He cannot follow
So he needs to get out of the way

Author — Jackie Wagner


He'll never be half the man the President Trump is...he's a weasel

Author — cowboy troy


Mitt "two-faced " Romney
is a petty jealous man.
I wouldn't trust him if he were my father.
Untrustworthy is untrustworthy.

Author — last time


If Mittens wanted to end his political career he picked a perfect way of doing so~!!! <POS>

Author — Rickarama Trama


I was relieved that Juan was absent on this panel; he tends to ruin the discussion. I know that Fox wants to convey the impression of political balance - but why bother? The Dems will condemn Fox either way.

Author — T Y


Mitt’s son is knee deep in Ukraine. He can’t be on the republican side because he is next after Biden.

Author — Bethe light2018


Gutfeld: prince of the conservatives' great, quality humor.

Author — doina grecu


Romney honestly needs to just take off his mask and declare himself a Demoncrat. Because that is what he represents.

Author — Leonard Chornomaz


Mitt Romney shouold quit the GOP and be a dem just like he acts

Author — Leonard Miller


Can we replace Juan with this liberal lady. Juan's a predictable ideologue, he's boring.

Author — Brian Bayley


Mittens protecting his son?
Just like Biden protecting HUNTER.
Just like NASTY pee-low protecting her son.

Author — Nelly Farnsworth


Romney destroyed Toys are us. Everyone lost at his gain.

Author — Ac Anderson


This should drive a nail in coffin of Mitt's career. I feel he just committed political suicide.

Author — Doug Morgan


In Romney’s eyes, he can not fathom how someone like Trump can be elected President, while Romney can’t.

Author — MrWagman11


Romney isn't even a has been, he is a never was

Author — L Gobi


Romney has deep state ties to Ukraine.
Future will prove the past.

Author — M.L. DeMedal


To Mr. Romney: " Some people (democrats) will only love you as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where their benefit STOPS." Never forget

Author — Ari


Crazy how this was a year ago. Romney has totally shown his Judas character more since then with his impeachment vote against TRUMP. What

Author — DONCHICHI vagabond