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Couple Who's Getting Divorced | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Make no mistake about it, he's DYING inside.

Author — Mac Lethal


By the time a woman breaks up with her partner, she has already gone through most if not all the stages of grief. He is just starting that process which is clear why he is struggling way more than her.

Author — jhomely delossantos


It is so sad to think that most divorced people started out madly in love.

Author — fitter70


i find it so interesting how people can decide someone’s entire character, feelings, and future based off a 7 minute video.

Author — Eva Cole


Imagine making one of the most iconic piece of music and 200 years later it ends up in a CUT video.

Author — Bissy


“We still sleep in the same bed” *plastic divider in between them*

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


This was probably one of the most mature and transparent conversations shown on Truth or Drink.

Author — Cole


i feel like she’s been getting over the end for a while now, while he’s just realizing that it’s really over.

Author — Yahney-Marie


I sensed deep pain when she said he almost cheated, a woman should feel confident that her marriage is built on trust... and she didn't. She deserves to feel that.

Author — Golden Wave


After a women finds out their mans cheated or got close to it or thought abt it everything changes. It’s not normal again.

Author — Alex Harper


“I think you two would be good together” I know that was fucking rough but props man.

Author — MB


this is an example of why you shouldn't get married when you still have problems in a relationship. marriage doesn't fix already existing problems.

Author — Ndem


This is an example of “sometimes, love is not enough”

Author — A B


I sense he probably took her for granted in the beginning. Later on she found herself and moved on emotionally and now it’s all hitting him but it too late

Author — patrice dilliom


“Why does she seem so fine” probably because he almost cheated on her, and since then she’s been mentally preparing to leave. If you can get that close to cheating - for a lot of people that’s too far for them. I don’t think you can fault someone for how they deal with stress and the stages of grief.

Author — chewycat12


Wow, the way they communicate with each other (esp considering this is on camera) is so open and genuine. Much more open than alot of people who are still IN a relationship

Author — W Y


it's gonna be awkward when they run into eachother at a seaside coffee brew vintage trailer that happens to sell quinoa in oregan

Author — mia hambrick


"We played World or Warcraft together..."

bro my guy is never gonna recover

Author — FeyOfShadow


They should bring them back in 6 months to a year to see how they’re doing. I’m invested.

Author — Derek Cordova


No lie this producer should be a marriage therapist

Author — Kareem Dabo