This Muslim Thinks Atheism is a Disease

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This Muslim Thinks Atheism is a Disease 5

Well this is certainly interesting. Apparently, all people would assume God's existence if it weren't for them being first exposed to atheism. I'm not sure I fully buy it you know...


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Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.

Author — Tasermaxx


Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Author — never mind


"I don't exist, but I'm on mars."

*What mate?*

Author — Nothing Nerdy


No wonder 'Brother Ahmed' has disabled comments on his ridiculous video.

Author — saltburner2


How to prove God:
1. Study theology.
2. Study philosophy.
3. Study history.
4. Don't study biology.
5. Learn that you could have easily skipped to 5.
6. Master logical fallacies.
7. Endoctrinate kids into believing in God.
8. Kill anyone who are still not convinced.

Author — iamspencerx


Christianity : why is Islam important ?
Islam : why is Christianity important ?
Atheism : Can both of you just shut up ?

Author — Harrison Bergeron


When my mom found out I’m atheist she had a bigger reaction then when I came out. Like, she didn’t try to suppress my gayness, but when she found out I was atheist she immediately said ‘I want you to know there is a higher power’ and similar stuff and has continued to for months. That’s kind of irrelevant but I just felt like bringing it up.

Author — Sophie


The fact that he used a trash can with the text “Looney Bin” placed over it to symbolize a mental health facility is incredible.

Author — Joe


Ahmed is a textbook example of both indoctrination and the Dunning-Kreugar effect.

Author — Phrygian Dominant


It's funny how the original video is titled "WHAT ATHEISTS DON'T WANT YOU TO HEAR" when atheists are literally sharing it just so the can point out how illogical it is.

Author — Coen A


Atheism is dangerous, it's dangerous to religion because it a huge load of logic and truth

Author — Packraptor95


Hello, God here. I've had just about enough of this squabbling. I'd just like to state for once and for all that I don't exist. I trust this will stop all this nonsense.

Author — Novak Ingood


"disproving the existence of God is like disproving the existence of man" well, we know humans exist, he would know because he is a freaking human. There us no evidence for God.

Author — emil engen


Why do I get the feeling his parents were first cousins lol

Author — jcbusto122


If I said "religion is a disease" there would be an uproar.

Author — Soul King


"I think, therefore I am"
"Now let me tell you the problem with that statement... I exist and yet I have never had a thought in my entire life."

Author — Ryandthatsit


If you make a bold claim such as “God is real, and my God is real” the burden of proof is on you

Author — CheeseburgerBackpack


One day, alex, you will join dawkins and Hitchens as the three greatest advocaters of the atheist world, one day. Even if you don't notice it, you are making the world a better place every day.
Live long and prosper.

Author — Jonathan Reinstein


He missed the opening line of the q'uran, ...''once upon a time''...

Author — Timothy williams


"I don't exist, I am on Mars" Well... then you exist... on Mars.

Author — n0etic Fox