10 Beethoven Songs that You've Heard and Don't Know the Name

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10 Beethoven Songs that You've Heard and Don't Know the Name 5

I played 10 Beethoven songs on the piano. I bet you've heard them all, but you do not know the names of any of them!5th Symphony, 9th Symphony, Waldstein, Moonlight Sonata, Pathetic, Turkish March, Fur Elise, Ode to Joy, Beethoven Virus and more! I hope you like it!

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Used to be a fan but after hearing these masterpieces I’m a whole ass air conditioner

Author — Caiyan Jiang


I wasn't expecting that kind of voice at the end at all

Author — ryanstartedthefire


Beethoven: *Writes 2nd Movement of Moonlight Sonata*

Everyone: We'll ignore that.

Author — CrzyHawkMC


I just love the fact that he played symphony no. 5 in the most basic way possible, but then played ode to joy, the piece literally every pianist begins, in the most complex way.

Author — Ishan Jain


No one:
Vinheteiro: *falls asleep while playing moonlight sonata*

Author — Mia herrick


Fun fact: all of these was made by Beethoven

Author — ProMASTER 2435


Vinheteiro: 10 Beethoven songs you’ve heard and don’t know their name.
Also Vinheteiro: *plays symphony no. 5 and moonlight sonata*

Author — Matthew Tyburski


Anyone: *speaks*

Vinheteiro: We don’t do that here.

Author — RyzeGG


One like = how many times he pointed his finger at us

Author — David Tcherkezian


When he called "Pathetique" "pathetic", I felt that

Author — Adhvik R


Me: Beethoven's sonatas are too difficult for me 😭

Vinheteiro: Pathetic

Author — Une Artiste Polyvalente


Me: teach me piano
He:☝️with sleeping or w'out sleeping ☝️

Author — Kireeti A


When you can lay back, pretend that you're sleeping, snore and play moonlight at the same time, you are literally part of the elite in this world.

Author — favoritemusicon


2:20 bro it's "Pathetique" which means passion. it is no way "pathetic"

Author — Alan Deutsch


He can play without looking.
He can play sleeping.
He can play with no hands.

Is there anything this man can't do?

Author — Klejdi


«9 Beethoven's songs we've heard and don't know the name» and «Fur Elise»

Author — А А


when he was playing moonlight sonata I was like, "is he sleeping?"
"nah he not sleeping" 0:49 "yeah he sleeping"

Author — flying dog


This guy stare's at us like Beethoven does in his pics.

Author — MandrakeMoorglade


With the combination of him glaring at me and pointing his finger in my direction I can't help but feel threatened

Author — Victor Asogwa


fur elise is the hardest song i've learned
and he plays it....

Author — error