Electric Science Free Energy Using Speaker Magnet 100%

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Electric Science Free Energy Using Speaker Magnet 100% 4

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4.02 light cap was pried off and reinstalled.

Автор — TeslaHertz


S! You can see this bulb coming on before he actually touches the last wire! Jerk!

Автор — Ron Martin


RI-DI-CU-LOUS ! ^ ^ don't waste time and money ! ^ ^

Автор — James Bond


if this is working every home must be filled with speakers and we dont have to pay electric bills, , , wasted!!!

Автор — arturo alcid


you want to sell me that or you hide batteries?

Автор — Mẫn Lê


P.s) car j'ai cru voir a un moment sr une de ces videos qu' il y avait ecrit 12 volts sr l'ampoule utilisee !

Автор — Christophe Rebeiller


Kalau lihat sampulnya lampu itu nyala bukan dg rangkaian sperti di video, jangan2 lampu nya memang lampu emergency, yg dipegang tangan aja bisa hidup

Автор — to the point


Nice good job I'm at work now I'm going to try this as soon as I get home LOL and obviously you can see how busy I am at work right LOL

Автор — Gulf Winds


Где вы диванные эксперты вот где вам надо мочит аферистов !!

Автор — 2010 Europe


"Science free" and "energy using" indeed )))

Автор — Illia Simenko


Yang betullll gais yala bola energi besi mahnet gais

Автор — Halak hita Halak hita


Ile czasu taki wynalazek może świecić bez przerwy?dobre na lampke nocną👍

Автор — Tomek 1234567890


isso e pura enganaçao pra gerar energia tem qui ter um ima com uma bobina de cobre girando dentro

Автор — Daniel Araujo


It's working now we can go to another planet 😃

Автор — Ben Truong


А почему из далекр не паказывайте еслы это правда

Автор — Сафархон Темуров


Antes de ligar o fio vermelho acendeu o Luz tem treta ai

Автор — Arnaldo avelino porto


عالی بسیار اموزنده
تولید برق با کمترین و نازل ترین ابزار ها موجود، کمک بزرگی برای مناطق محروم که برق ندارند میشه انجام داد .

Автор — Ali Khankhodi1


Can you be able to feature building an egg incubator as free energy? thanks

Автор — roger acharon


Onde VC ligou o cabo alimentador? Kkkkk

Автор — Bebeto Nabor Gilberto


public lies, you sick people who want to learn crazy

Автор — Wachyu Lukmansyah