Tegucigalpa: World's Most Dangerous City? Honduras (S4E3)

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The statistics speak for themselves, so we know we can't say for sure that Tegucigalpa is 100% safe. But keep in mind we only passed through Tegus'. As backpackers, we followed our common sense and didn't go outside late at night, didn't go in empty streets, and stayed with our Honduran friend Yul for our walk around the city. We met other backpackers, went to the grocery store with them, met super friendly Hondurans, ate good food, saw children playing in front of the cathedrals, teens playing soccer, etc. Just to show you that you shouldn't be scared just because of what you hear in the medias! Go explore and see the country for yourself. :)

Before leaving for Honduras, we went to see the Masaya Artisanal Market in Nicaragua, as well as the city of Leon, where Gab got a little bit sick...

By Maya Dib and Gabriel Batailleur
Instagram @holisticmaya

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I'm Honduran and i'm proud of my country! visit Honduras!!



Poor Gab! That food poisoning looked brutal. Glad that those dangerous rumors didn't end up being true and you enjoyed your time in Tegucigalpa!

Author — World On A Whim


Yes, Peru was full of those types of markets. I'm glad you found a local to show you around and didn't run into any trouble.. The only time i've ever traveled and felt somewhat unsafe was in Salvador, Brazil.. we were also out late.. man I think I would have gotten robbed if we weren't three guys. Change the title to : Tegucigalpa the worlds most dangerous city to pronounce.

Author — Here Be Barr


Never thought about going to Hondouras before. but good it`s safe. I Know Nicaragua can be a bit dangerous. especially in Managua. Hope Gab got over the sickness for the rest of the trip though.

Author — Vegard The Filmmaker


I love Honduras and live in Trujillo part time. We came here around 23 years ago on a chicken bus from Guatemala (now that was an experience in itself). We came back every 2-3 years and finally built a home 4 years ago. Just like every country while traveling - follow the basic rules (there aren't many, so it should be easy). When we go to the big cities, we are a lot more vigilant than when we are in our home town of Trujillo. The people here are friendly and helpful 90% of the time. Yes there are bad drivers (but have you been to Italy or Spain?), yes there are thefts (but I'm not going to go on naming places in the world I've been...), just keep your eyes open, don't pull money out of your bank machine at night, stay relatively sober unless with friends. Come visit - it's so cheap to take buses out of any airport area, get out to the edges where there's hardly anyone on the beach. Backpackers and hotelers are all welcome. Foods cheap, beers cheap, and it's gorgeous. Come visit - feel free to write with any questions, I will reply.

Author — Char Mc


Ahh I went to Honduras a few years ago to the mountains near San Pedro Sula, and the locals say that the violence is largely due to gang-related crime. In SPS there were armed guards everywhere to protect the tourists as they know we bring money into their country. Tegucigalpa looks very artsy though.
Amy (& Yasmine)

Author — A2Y Travellers


C'est cool! We're planing to go there soon. Is good to know it's okay!

Author — Blog Vagando Por Aí


J'viens de découvrir votre chaîne je l'adore instantanément! yay :D

Author — Alexa Moïse


Tegucigalpa didnt feel too dangerous to me, though i wouldnt think walking away from the centre was that good an idea. Comayaguela, the other side of the river is dodgy.The only place in Central America i ever felt a bit scared was Panama City..Colon was almost as bad, i stayed there 2 hours, didnt like the feel of it .But compared to Atlanta which i once had the misfortune to visit I didnt find Central America too bad

Author — burnleyfan11965


It's sad to see you sick like this brother! I hope you felt better when you recovered.

Author — Journal of Nomads


Wow it does not look that scary on the video. By the way the architectural style looks similar to the old Intramuros once was the capital of the Philippines. I visited Intramuros and made a video out of it too. Great sharing mate! Looking forward to more videos from you =)

Author — Tony Phan


Hola gab & maya, quedo bonito el video pense que no iban a poner algo de Honduras, que bueno que estén bien siempre los recuerdo viendo sus videos, saludos a la distancia.

Author — YGP


Je vien de Tegucigalpa, mais jy suis jamais aller! Merci de me faire voyager au travers les vlogs!!

Author — Fran B


This video looks really awesome. Did you try some of the Honduran food?

Author — Salt and Sandals


I feel the same way when I go shopping in the market places in Mexico. I think the fun of it is bargaining for the best cost! ;)

Author — Gina Bear


It looks like such a rustic place and glad to hear it is safe. The guy on the bike taxi must be so fit haha

Author — Four Dirty Feet


The church was beautiful, inside and out. Would be nice to visit one day.

Author — In Love and Stuff


I will be traveling in 2 weeks to Tegucigalpa and I was terrified. This Video and comments have honestly decreased my anxiety.

Author — Daniel Marcos


Crime wise it is but still amazing place it’s like El Salvador where my family comes from.I’ll be honest there practically the same country looks the same culture is almost the same but each still is unique from one another.

Author — chris walker


Me gusto el video gracias . Saludos desde Honduras.

Author — crislex rubi