The 60 Minutes story on Lumber Liquidators that led to a $36 million settlement

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The 60 Minutes story on Lumber Liquidators that led to a $36 million settlement 4.5
From 2015, the culmination of a seven-month investigation that found Lumber Liquidators was making false claims about its flooring.

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"Greed and stupidity will end humanity sooner than we expect."
~Stephen Hawking

Author — Nuckin Futs


Good work, 60 Minutes. Good to see that investigative journalism isn’t completely dead.

Author — 앤서니 야


That does it, Im flooring my place with cigarettes and bacon.

Author — Adam Brady


Scumbag company. Will never buy from them, similar to how I will never do business with Wells Fargo.

Author — Independence City Motoring


Dont even blame the Chinese, the chinese manager honestly said it wasn't Carb 2 compliant.

It's American greed poisoning Americans.

Author — bob thompkins


Damn, first it was Chinese drywall and now it’s the floors too?

Author — Why Me?


Now the settlement, was this the typical class action result? The person with this poison in their home gets a check for less than half of what they paid for the material (but nothing for the installation labor, or the removal and replacement labor)? If a contractor did this, they'd be bankrupted and run out of business. Big corporation? Class Action Lawyers? It ends up being a nuisance expense, the lawyers get a nice chunk of change. I just got a check for $10 for the $100 of crappy LED bulbs Home Depot sold me. The check had a three week expiration date. It's more trouble cashing it, than it's worth. How are consumers protected when the crooked corporation suffers a small cut in profit and we're still burned?

Author — WillN2Go1


I’ve worked in flooring for nearly twenty years. I recommend real wood or porcelain/ceramic tile.
By real wood I mean 3/4” solid hardwood. Domestic American made/sourced solid hardwood won’t have these chemical concerns.
That being said, everyone wants the look without paying the price.
Cheap cheap cheap will make you sick sick sick.

Author — Keith Clouse


they gave my husband lukemia and he is still suffering, im taking them to court

Author — Q A


A hedge fund guy talking about greed 🤫🤔. “Nobody’s ever reported this to you ?” Pure deflection. Crapitalism = greed.

Author — Drake Doragon


I’m worried about the installers! They’re out there breathing in tainted sawdust daily. Not good at all.

Author — Aaron Burr Atwood.


You want it cheap? This is what you get. From construction materials to automotive parts. This is what you get when you want cheap. If you own a track home I'm sure its full of Chinese building products. Youll never know.

Author — rudedogii


9:15 wow even china didnt want these lumber and the president bought it up

Author — Hector Aldozar


The executives will never be held accountable.



Stock high for Lumber Liquidators was about $120 per share (late 2013). Fell to about $12 in 2016. After market close yesterday, it was just under $14.

Author — jcspider


How much is that gonna cost?

You know what? I don’t care!


Author — Whit


This is why I only have REAL hardwood floors in my house.

Author — TheDecadentdragon


Would LOVE to see what flooring he has in his house!

Author — Leland Franklin


Surges in the home rises out electric bills..yeah know when the light flickering

Author — Ebonee Griffin


This is why people don't trust wealthy industrialist. Like this idiot who owns Lumber Liquidators, he knows his product is killing people, but he'll deny it all day everyday... and he'll fight anyone who says it does.

Author — theylied1776