How To Make Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger With Magnets | Science Projects

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How To Make Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger With Magnets | Science Projects 4.5

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I'm pretty sure NON moving magnets and coils won't produce 110 to 120 v 60hz

Author — Dpoplabs


The reason why he keeps moving the phone is because his toy only produces less than 1 volt, requires one day to charge his phon, a whole day to charge his phone from 84% to 85%, only enough output for the phone’s relay chip to detect it’s charging.

The wireless transfer of energy with unlimited distance is the future.

Author — Mike Nkorean


What he is doing is in fact impossible. In order for the coils to produce ANY electric, the coils or magnets MUST be moving. This is the basis for all mechanical generators.
You only convert energy, you can't get something from nothing. As I said a typical generator requires some form of mechanical movement. Solar energy is the only source that does not require mechanical energy to transform light energy onto electrical energy. It does this via a photoelectric process.
Wind and hydro energy are converted to mechanical energy by turbines that spin generators to produce electrical energy.
Heat energy either by fossil fuels (wood, coal, oil, natural gas) or nuclear is used to create steam that spins turbines that are physically connected to electrical generators

Author — roy Yung


Pure shit
Even if magnets do their work then also these two magnets can't generate enough to charge a lithium based battery. Lol



0 then electromotive force is 0.static field not generate

Author — Davide Irondave Cherubini


Connected with the 230V side ... sure it works! 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Tropical VN Rider


Bro. U playing the same

Tune all the time. And I

Didn't see. 1 volt increase !

Author — Chiu Sing Tom Yiu


if he kept moving the coils in and out of the magnetic field it would work. other than that... mildly amusing

Author — Jacob Brisbin


Bu olay yaşandı ve ben ordaki adaptörüm

Author — Atakan Çelik


я попробовал - ничего не получилось ;( Оказалось у меня руки не такие мохнатые :)

Author — Добрый Бобр


it's not charging
it's just showing the level of charge

Author — Ibrahim Seeser


Kesinlikle yalan böyle birşeyin olması imkansız. Bence sen masanın altındaki kablosuz şarj cihazını cıkar.

Author — Onur Manaz


when u don't attain even one lecture 😂 free energy😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Suraj Kurade


Popelaq tangan hang x reti dok diam..
Dok kacau charger tu selang brapa saat. Toya mat amin... Voltan rendah, dia tayang tahap beteri semasa saja la bengong....

Author — Mohd Jimmy Yusri Dato' Yusof


Seems load of bullocks. Is the creator of the video that thick not to keep the phone on charge for a couple of minutes to see if the battery charges to 85% or 86% charged rather than keep fiddling around with it.

Author — Imtiaz Khan


This is the technology the tartarian empire used! Look into Tartary, mud floods, start forts! Happy researching!

Author — Hidden-In Plane-Sight


👏👏 uniform field producing electricity. you proved Faraday was wrong. 😡😡 lier

Author — inayat husssain


Uniform magnetic field produce karke tum charge separation kaise karwa sakate ho .



Será se faz funcionar um liquidificador?!?!!

Author — Iandson Mendes


May I use your video on my Youtube channel? I will name you as the owner of the video.

Author — W.I.M. - Wirtschaft Information Meinung