How To Make Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger With Magnets | Science Projects

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How To Make Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger With Magnets | Science Projects 4.5

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Bro. U playing the same

Tune all the time. And I

Didn't see. 1 volt increase !

Author — Chiu Sing Tom Yiu


No jodan... simplemente hay que hacerlo y verificar..
Aprovechen la cuarentena y salgan de dudas...

Author — Orlando Cardenas Castro


Pueda que funcione con un mini motor generador, poniendo una rueda magnetica
Asi ase que gire
Y aga funcionar el motor generador

Author — Miguel miguel


If that was charging how come it stayed at 84% all the way through the video. It did not even go up 1%

Author — ollie and tracy stan


This is the technology the tartarian empire used! Look into Tartary, mud floods, start forts! Happy researching!

Author — HiddenIN PALANEsight


We need to start reporting these pages for fraud

Author — Lifeizrigged


if he kept moving the coils in and out of the magnetic field it would work. other than that... mildly amusing

Author — Jacob Brisbin


Magnet memang batu alam mulia anugrah allah sangat berguna....

Author — Love Cinta


What he is doing is in fact impossible. In order for the coils to produce ANY electric, the coils or magnets MUST be moving. This is the basis for all mechanical generators.
You only convert energy, you can't get something from nothing. As I said a typical generator requires some form of mechanical movement. Solar energy is the only source that does not require mechanical energy to transform light energy onto electrical energy. It does this via a photoelectric process.
Wind and hydro energy are converted to mechanical energy by turbines that spin generators to produce electrical energy.
Heat energy either by fossil fuels (wood, coal, oil, natural gas) or nuclear is used to create steam that spins turbines that are physically connected to electrical generators

Author — roy Yung


Thank you for sharing your awesome little devices. Do the magnets have to be in that shape? Will any large magnet work?

Author — jo stewart


What about law of conservation of energy?

Author — Ashok Mhaske


За изобретательность лайк, за бтг Диз;)

Author — Rodving


я попробовал - ничего не получилось ;( Оказалось у меня руки не такие мохнатые :)

Author — Добрый Бобр


Tá mas esses celular só carrega até 84 / e o resto kkkk



I M confused with 84 percent charge only. Thanksgiving🙏🙇🎉

Author — Jharana Naik


Can you please explain what you're doing here? So funny. Please spend your money from Nobel award for some good cause of mankind.

Author — Krishna Karmokar Biswas


Popelaq tangan hang x reti dok diam..
Dok kacau charger tu selang brapa saat. Toya mat amin... Voltan rendah, dia tayang tahap beteri semasa saja la bengong....

Author — Mohd Jimmy Yussri Dato' Yusof


Yeah I'm sure you can get to charge the phone to 100%% in about 2 years or so great idea well if your in prison and all you have is two magnets to power up your illegal phone lol

Author — Brown Rooster


Its work !! Yeah tnx a lot bro😂 keep it up bro

Author — KUYZ 543


Try it without removing charger

I will not charge

Author — Dhruv Singh negi