Trump pulls back on approved military strikes on Iran

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Trump pulls back on approved military strikes on Iran 2.5
President Trump approved military strikes on Iran, but then abruptly pulled back -- this coming after Iran shot down a US Navy drone with a missile. #CNN #News

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Imagine being so deranged that you are mad that the President didn't kill people over a drone.

Author — Scipio Africanus


Collusion News Network thought they had a golden nugget with Trump going to war over a drone. Back to spinning the fake news! HAHAHA!

Author — Frank Castle


If Obama did the same thing, he would've won a Nobel Prize

Author — Shubham Machhi


CNN outraged that there was no mass killing today!

Author — jim M


Only Trump can turn a liberal into GI Joe.

Author — Bermuda Schwartz


Isn’t it good we’re not going to war? Only those who have not seen war or lost loved ones to war, want war. Shame on you CNN for this

Author — Danny P.


CNN, we do not want a war over a freaking drone.
We don’t want a war PERIOD.

Author — Shitposting Dave


The propaganda machine is disengaged from the heart of the population. You can see it in the comments <3

Author — Nate


Liberals pushing for war, aren't they the party of love and peace???

Author — Andrei A


If it were Obama you guys would be praising him. But no, CNN, you always gotta spin a negative story against Trump.

Author — Matteo C


I don't get it, CNN is mad if he attacks them and mad if he doesn't. Biased af!

Author — Max 1Billion


Trump said killing over a hundred people for a drone was not justified

Author — Jason Light


CNN is salivating at the thought of war.

Author — john togo


President Trump just spared thousands of innocent lives. God bless this good hearted man. Trump > Obama

Author — Mark Kotulski


Good on Trump for not acting so harshly. There's other ways to show domimace than killing 150 people.

Author — EH96


‘Trump he CRAZY bloodthirsty warmonger tryin to start wars!’

Moments later....

‘Trump he a big coward won’t even start a war!’ 😂💦

Author — davids11131113


As much as I wanna crack on Donnie, I'm actually relieved that he came to the conclusion that maybe risking nuclear war wouldn't be such a great idea.

Author — Mrmedia046


Not a trump supported but I actually like his decision here

Author — David Cobb


Why is cnn trying to figure out a way to put trump in a bad spot for calling off a war pretty much? Just shows no matter what he does, Cobb will condone him for anything!

Author — junebugg719


Give gun to Bolton and Pampio and sent them to iran mainland....

Author — eking