Oregon Crabbing - underwater Gopro video

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Oregon Crabbing - underwater Gopro video 4.5

The best time to go crabbing in Oregon is from August until December. This video was made to help answer questions people ask me about everything crabbing. I'll go over what bait and gear you would need. I hope these tips help.

Other tips: I usually soak my pots for about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Longer if you like.

Incoming high tide is best, and high slack is preferred. Crabbing is good all along the Oregon coast, so I can't say one spot is better than another. However, the closer to the mouth is better, I find. But it can get rough near the ocean.

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When you mentioned the harpoon I laughed my ass off. I was thinking the exact same thing!!

Author — Fishin Fool


Maybe I'm a weird girl, but this is a dream day for me. On a boat, fishing and crabbing. Ahhh.

Author — Ingrid Matthews


The seal is gonna be hurting when it tries to poop out a hook.

Author — Luxeau Svay


After watching this my brother and I went crabbing for Crabs too! We caught a lot! Thanks for sharing!!! check out the video :) @

Author — Meister Bros


One day i'm going to do a vlog with crabbing and fishing..i loved this adventure.

Author — Fel Pacs


When your sounder is worth more than your entire boat

Author — Cameron Culin


I still think crabs are underwater spiders 😂, p.s some the crabs like phew i got away lol

Author — James Heal


I almost couldn’t take watching the video. I love fishing in weird weather. You cannot get any more fun than this, catching crab and fishing with people you enjoy being around. Absolutely one of the best videos I’ve watched. Thanks.

Author — Daniel S


Hey look it’s me! That was a great trip.

Author — NorthWest Fishing


What I gathered from your video, PK, is that you should leave those down for longer then 30 minutes lol

Author — Tim Downey II


22 Dungeoness is a pretty expensive meal. This is awesome.

Author — James Bowyer


I truly enjoy watching yr videos PK 🤙👍

Author — Reel Locos


Nice haul, damn seal was a thief and a half!

Author — Kevin Storm


If you plan on going out in a boat crabbing during the middle of the week and looking for company, I’ll bring the chicken and pull the traps up 😬 💪🏻 love your channel sir! I really enjoy the underwater footage.

Author — orangetruckman


I miss crab at that coast as a kid . Loved when you can boil them on the docks and eat them on way home

Author — Pill Cosby


PK, Glad to see you have a new video out and I am thrilled to see it! Love the underwater footage!

Author — Rod Buster


Wow.... just wow... we don't get those kind of numbers here or that big... i am so jealous lol Great video as always

Author — Jay Hohaia-Portelli


Glad to see when someone leave some good things for next generation. I appreciate

Author — sandip patel


Went crabbing at half moon bay ca seal took my bait

Author — Maxelgg


This really makes me miss our days of crabbing at Newport Bay. We had so much fun, we would dumpster dive for bait or use icky chicken. Thanks for sharing, we always wondered what it looked like down there.

Author — Itsjoyful One