Most Fun Ever on Dirt Rally 2.0 - Rally Driver Louise Cook

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Most Fun Ever on Dirt Rally 2.0 - Rally Driver Louise Cook 5

I am back to a WRC dual paddle shift for this video using the Subaru World Rally Car (2001) on a great Rally stage in Greece called Anodou Farmakas and it was EPIC :)

The stage is really 3D and made me feel like I was in a real life stage. Out of the box I thought the Subaru worked quite well, no doubt it can go quicker with some tuning tweaks, but I left the setup completely standard to see what the Subaru could do. A few mistakes, so there is a bit more time to be had from the car.


I have my force feedback to feel as realistic to rallying as possible. Rotation is 810. TV's are Sony LED's.

A popular question, Is DiRT realistic? There is a lot in this game that feels like the real thing. Like rallying, the scenery goes past pretty fast in bonnet view, which is why I use and prefer it, it makes me feel like I am there, I don't look at the dashboard much on a rally :) I can use a lot of my car control in this game and the car responds as you intended it to, most of the time xD

Greece Track: £2.99
Subaru WRC 2001: £1.49
The best £4.48 I ever spent :)

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Thank you for watching :)
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Hi everyone 👋 I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that have subscribed already 🤗
If you would like to follow the real rallying side of things (when we get going again) feel free to check out the links below 😀 Thanks for your support. Louise 🍪

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Me: 3..2..1..GO! 6 left long. * Rolls off cliff*

Author — botcrack


Meanwhile I'm crawling to the finish line in a barely recognizable vehicle 😂



This is how Samir drives when the co-pilot shuts up.

Author — lopaca97


5:56 "six white Democrats long". Well that's an interesting way to describe measurements. Closed captions are never wrong though 😆🤷‍♀️

Author — Jens95


When you watch her play, the game looks like arcade style racing game.
When you play, you look like an idiot.

Author — magicfok


My girlfriend when she is angry at me on the way back home from the party.

Author — Foolonahill


And she was still 19 seconds off the top time, even with that near flawless run.

Author — Purple Haze Jimi


Boyfriend: I’m driving
Her: beat my time on this simulator and you can drive

Author — ToolforOffice


I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life....

Author — Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers


As non english lang person i heard
" Turkey oven turn on, left over 90 degrees"

Author — Neird


Now just contemplate the fact that she can do this for real. Imagine being in that car with her on a race like this. You would be eternally grateful to be alive when the car finally stops.

Author — FabledSomething


Her Codedriver has no room to breathe
My Codedriver: takes nap

Author — Borna Nazar


As an Uber driver, i feel like i have to drive like this sometimes, "This drunk needs their Taco Bell now before they yack and piss themselves!"

Author — Kryp Ton


It's cheating

She's been training on the real track

Author — Nesnese se se sestrou


The gov:
You will have to work from home
Rally Riders:

Author — _totally Mai_


my wife can drive faster if the things she want on discount.

Author — mani moto


The most closest of the perfect driving I've ever seen in my life. It was amazing, how the track pass though so fast, the cornering, wow! And the screens makes feel so inmersive.

Author — Enrikbass


You know she's a pro when she just scratches her neck at normal pace like nothing is happening

Author — Briant Pongol


If you're deaf like me and were watching with captions on... I was laughing my butt off lol

Author — Kev R