Master the GODOT TileMap tool in 15 Minutes!

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 months ago

Godot game engine has an internal tool called TileMap which allows for the creation of complex and beautiful game maps. Unfortunately the TipeMap tool lacks recent docs and tutorials. I am hoping this video can help close that gap and teach users about the godot TileMap tool.

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One thing to note - you don't need to set the Z-Index of the tilemap. The scene tree will draw nodes at the bottom on top of nodes before it. All you need to do is shift your tilemap node above the player. Good stuff tho!

Author — Daniel Prince


Great video man! I'm working my way through them all steadily. Just a little advice for this one: You may want to put in a little warning about flashing imagery at the beginning, because that animated texture is pretty flashy. All in all though, good work.

Author — BlackBladedAxe


Wow, I finally learned why my world environment was glitching my glow & ligh2d on my tilsets when I set z index to 1 on upper layers... I should have set everything to z -99.. You're a LIFE SAVER!!! Thank you for this video!

Author — Ika BakaKu


Es muy bueno el tutorial, ojalá estuviera en español o con subtitulos.

Author — felipe moreno


Brilliant, simple tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Patrick Jay


Great video! And are you kidding me? I found your video as I am currently in Godot with this exact tilemap asset searching YouTube on how to work with tilemaps. What a strange coincidence!

Author — Rasparuk


For animated tiles, are the animations synced for the same tile? meaning if you have an animated terrain tile and you put a bunch together and want them to always be displaying the same frame as the others. (think the water tile in Ultima)

Author — digitalman2112


I tried to work with the GodotTilemaps but as you said, the documentation is very poor. So thanks for your video, it helps me a lot.

Author — Sayfty Sayfty


How about adding all of the tiles from a Sprite atlas at once? I don't want to have to drill down and back up o vfc or and over again to add the textures to my tilemap

Author — Charles Wood


what if i wanna add special "abilites" to specific tiles. like a box that can move if you walk into it?

Author — Zejoant


how do i animate the tile using a image atlas? separating the frame into individual images is a pain

Author — HeroCP7


At 3:20 you change cell from 64 to 32. But I want to do the opposite: so double the size of the tiles of the tileset. How do I do this?

Author — Mister Mojoo


I feel the flashing lights wasn't the smartest way of showing animated tiles, I was going to share this video but the people I'd share it with happen to be seizure prone

Author — Zachariah M. Kemper