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No Biden (Original Song) 4.5

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call me corn pop cause i'm a bad dude

UPDATE: I see this video is gaining a second wind as we approach the general election, and I want to clarify my political positions. I wrote this song from a leftist perspective, back when Bernie Sanders was still a viable candidate. I do not, and I cannot stress this enough, think that Donald Trump is better, smarter or in any way more competent than Creepy Uncle Joe. Electoral politics so often comes down to choosing between the lesser of two idiots, and there is no idiot as great as the man-child currently bumbling his way through the White House.

written and produced by nate noworyta

#JoeBiden #2020 #Politics
♫ l y r i c s ♫

Ridin’ on Obama’s coattails
Bidin’ his time till he derails
Anticipating his next fail
One more bump on the campaign trail

Another gaffe, another laugh
Oh, no
You had your fun, a real good run
I know
Oh, Joe

Joe, Joe, Joe
It's time to go, go, go
You're just so status quo
Both friend and foe know you're a no-go

Poor kids are as bright as white kids
But they can't take the same buses
Why can’t unwanted massages
Ever be a debate topic

You’d win ‘em all, just like the brawl
With corn pop
You’re no outsider, just a liar
Please stop
And drop

Joe, Joe, Joe
It's time to go, go, go
You're so status quo
Both friend and foe know you're a no go

He’ll double NASA funding just to cross personal space
Put his foot in his mouth and somehow stay in the race
With policies as unsteady as his capricious teeth
Another milquetoast moderate is the last thing we need

Joe, Joe, Joe
It's time to go, go, go
You're so status quo
Both friend and foe know you're a no-go

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If you liked this song you should check out my latest single, Quarantined!

Author — Darth Nater


Joe Biden is the creepy uncle that all the kids hide from at family dinners.

Author — Bruce S


I can’t believe this was the Democratic Party’s best possible choice

Author — moonkillsun20


You need to do a NO CNN song. We need CNN to disappear in America.

Author — Doug Cabell


The 2020 election isn’t going to even be a contest.

Author — J K


"I'll beat Trump just like Hillary did 4 years ago" - Joe Biden

Author — Alleyup1994USA


My mom works dealing with elderly with Alzheimer's as a social worker. She is certain he has Alzheimer's and anyone else they'd have his family charged with elder abuse

Author — 2380Shaw


My daughter is nearly 50 and I still would not allow creepy Joey near her

Author — Neil MacKenzie


I hate when old man touch girls like that, seems weird,

Author — Anna Castillo


The problem is when Joe threw his hat into the ring his head was still in it.

Author — Righteous Indignation


"I'm Joe Biden, and Trump 2020 Baby!"

Author — snofagun1814


Joe doesn’t even know his own name.
“ I am going to beat joe Biden” -Joe Biden
He is a fool... #TRUMP2020💙🇺🇸❤️ oh joe

Author — Sofia Marie


40 years. He accomplished nothing that improved, honored or protected America.

Author — Sharon Ericson


Who could actually consider voting for Biden, He cant finish a sentence and constantly gets fact wrong, theres is no way we could trust him with the nuke codes !

Author — Fox Mulder


Corn Pop isn't black because Corn Pop isn't voting for Joe.
He is a bad dude after all!

Oh you Corn Pop! Always up with your shenanigans!!!

Author — Celtic Spirits Coven


CREEPY, INCOMPETENT. Let him go back to his basement and live in his own little world again!

Author — Shannon Woodall


Even if you don’t like trump, why would you vote for this???

Author — Agarykane


It's sad that so many brainwashed people will still vote for him.

Author — Confused Tuba


Vote for Joe & you get Kamala as president in a year or less. She couldn't even win her home state in a primary, for president. When your home is burned down or invaded, to her it's nothing but a "peaceful protest " .

Author — Tommy Gofigure


"If you don't approve this song then you ain't black."

Author — 6RID8U6