GLEE - Full Performance of 'Rumour Has It/Someone Like You' from 'Mash Off'

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GLEE - Full Performance of 'Rumour Has It/Someone Like You' from 'Mash Off' 5

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Unpopular opinion, Finn deserved that slap.

Author — A Danielle


Can we just appreciate Kurts dad who was more than willing to help Santana?

Edit: Thank you all for the likes!!!

Author — Erica M


"Don't Forget Me I Beg" not much chance of that happening Naya... Rest easy....

Author — Jack Smith


Miss you Naya. Miss you Cory. 7 years and now 😢 this scene really showed how strong both Naya and Cory were at acting.

Author — Ria J


Looking back at this show really makes me realize how terrible Rachel and Finn were to pretty much everyone in Glee Club. Unless there was some big issue to be sorted out, they were really selfish and naive people.

Author — Nathan Humphrey


I can’t believe she’s gone, through her portrayal of Santana she helped me and so many others come to terms with their identity. We’ll never forget you Naya, rest in peace angel

Author — Jenny M


Naya Rivera was such a great actress. I wish she had more chances to show her skills in other productions. I'm truly sorry for that. Big talent

Author — M


Kurt looks so hurt, his brother did one of the worst things you can do to a closeted gay and is trying to justify it by saying “no one cares”. I hated Finn since season one, but damn this storyline made me not care about any of his story arch. Also, before people say things: obviously this isn’t directed towards Cory. Tbh he did the role great, it’s just that his character is a pos

Author — Erik


I'm trying to sing along but I can't stop crying. RIP Naya Rivera

Author — Brandon Dalton


it just hurts thinking that Naya was probably imagining her trip as a peaceful getaway with her son and that after it, she’d continue to watch him grow as a person. life is so random and unexpected—another reason why we should value the things and people we already have. Rest In Paradise Naya :( 🕊🤍

Author — Alyssa


Naya magnificently portrayed a struggling latina woman of the LGBTQ community on Glee
So sad to see a raw talent lost
Rest in Peace Angel <3

Author — cruzz 98


“Don’t forget me I beg” We won’t Naya ❤️

Author — Budu


I was so mad when Santana got in trouble for slapping Finn he deserved it

Author — Who wrote this Tina???


The way she was able to capture Santana's pain during this performance while killing it with her vocals and dancing really shows how fucking talented she is. Miss you Naya :'(

Author — Yaman Ahmed


why tf did santana get in trouble but every time finn assaults someone he gets away with it? is confused

Author — 4RV1N


This performance is immaculate. Naya was truly a force to be reckoned with. Her performance as Santana meant so much to me growing up. It's unbelievable she's gone :(

Author — S.C. Loranger


When she sings “Don’t forget me...” hits so different. Rip sweet angel

Author — PD Devine


In real life she would literally be able to sue this entire school district and the politician who put her on blast. Huge lawsuit waiting to happen plus the explusion and potential blacklisting of the niece that outed Santana and provided the information her uncle. She would be denied access to many colleges and that’s not including the legal ramifications of outing a minor. He would never take office plus the slander charges

Author — Alex Ayala


Ok everyone, please just admit that he deserved that slap.
Sure, she bullies people but she doesn’t do things that are fully permanent.
But he actually outed her, and she can never, ever, get that back.
I know it seems harsh, but Santana truely was right to slap Finn.

Author — Charlotte Kerwin


Finn definitely deserved it. It was such a shitty thing for him to try undermine how horrible what he did was by saying no one cared. What does it matter if no one cares? Coming out was supposed to be Santana’s moment, not Finn’s. And that video was just humiliating for Santana.

Author — Adele Aslan