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Streams Ministries exists to help restore the awe of God to the earth. We believe that every individual, church, ministry, business, and nation has a specific purpose and we exist to help them discover and fulfill that purpose by hearing what God has and does say to them, and to encourage them to respond fully to that message while expecting God to do what only He can do.

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I really love this channel!!! Thank you brother John!! God bless you abundantly

Author — Aline Santana


Thank you for this.... it confirms a dream i recently had about a ring
I knew it signified a continual commitment of relationship, covenant. But my dream was a broken ring between my sister and her friend, there were precious gems that fell. I shared my dream about a month after, l asked her if she was having relational issues with her friend? She answered yes but they were friends now. I told her God gave me a dream and that He cares for their friendship to be mended, that their friendship is precious to Him, and i have been praying for them. She was touched and she felt comforted that they forgave each other and now are friends.

Author — Light of Christ


Thank you for clarifying the signet ring

Author — Stacia Anne


How about rings in stacks on all fingers on left hand & instructions on protocal while wearing the rings, with bracelets & a kiss on the lips by the male partner?

Author — Travel Channel


Yeah right. You can't know what dreams are!

Author — Deconverted Man


had a dream i was in my parents house by their fireplace and i noticed i had my lips pierced. I have never even considered piercing my lips. In my dream i knew I was dreaming and woke up and wanted to go pierce my lips. But I was really still dreaming. When I really woke up I did not desire to pierce my lips, but still find the dream odd. By the way the piercing was my bottom lip, two piercings, one one the left side and one on the right side. I remember in the dream being shocked that my lips did not hurt at all. Do you have any idea what this dream means

Author — Why See


I dreamed about rings five (5) of them and they were all different and I have never seen rings like these

Author — Lisa Roberts


Hello, I had a dream that I had a 2 bracelets one gold and one silver but it were to big so I wrap the extra of the bracelets around my thumb like a ring I could see the shining gold and silver it was so bright.
Please if anyone knows what it means! Thank you

Author — LaBibis


I dreamt about black ring.
I got married with a black ring

Author — zoey browne