How the Mona Lisa became so overrated

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How the Mona Lisa became so overrated 5

It's not just the smile. There are a few real reasons Mona is so famous. Vox's Phil Edwards looked into it...

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Fun fact: after the theft of the Mona Lisa, a popular joke in France went, "I'm going o the Louvre. Can I pick up something for you?"

Author — 6EQUJ5 wow!


I saw the painting IRL and was disappointed. Very small, rather boring compared to the rest.

Author — Thoran666


The Mona Lisa is still, nevertheless, a thousand times better than bananas literally hung at art galleries these days.

Author — Syed M. Baqir


With the Mona Lisa, it was all about techniques than the picture itself.
— The milky effect, soft edges etc. are signature to Da Vinci's style of painting that not many can recreate to this day.
— Look at the pose. It's front facing and not stiff, unlike most of the Renaissance portraits at the time.
— BACKGROUND. How many Renaissance portraits had such a vivid background? None. Da Vinci experimented with landscapes and perspective in color (the slowly vanishing colors) and that was breathtaking for a portrait commission of the time. ✔️points for creativity.
— The painting also had illusions (with eye movements and also the smile which was soft to not show the true expression).
Obviously, the stealing might add to the hype but the Mona Lisa was a revolutionary painting for Renaissance times.

Author — ix


I remember, when I was little, I was so scared of the Mona Lisa. Now when I look back at that, I feel so stupid.

Author — AutoAr7ist


Did you know that x-ray technology has revealed there are 3 other versions of the Mona Lisa painted underneath.

Author — inactive tbplayerz channel


Mona LIsa is the Kim Kardashian of the art world. Famous because she's famous.

Author — Christopher Eves


i used to believe as a kid that the reason why Mona Lisa is popular is because she had no eyebrow 👁👄👁

Author — midea


Atleast Mona Lisa is actual art. Overrated are those which they call 'modern art' and herald blank papers as *masterpieces*.

Author — TheFourthWinchester


The fact that y’all are discrediting the genius of Da Vinci just bc his painting is famous is so absurd

Author — Winlie Stephanie Langi


So the Mona Lisa can be considered overrated but an entirely white canvas isn't? Okay then

Author — J -Dog


she's just basically a renaissance meme.



Mona Lisa became overrated when Panic! At the Disco made a song about her

Jk jk jk

Author — Eva Lu


That's a cool story but i'd replace the word overrated with overhyped. Media coverage indeed made the painting more famous than it needed to be. But it's a bloody damn great painting. And i know so not because i've read critics' explanations of light and shadow this and composition that but because i have my own eyes. This is undeniably a magnetic image. It simply has the exact recipe for drawing the spectator in and that recipe was masterfully executed. I am absolutely certain that anyone who gives a crap about art, visuals, or simply things that look good will agree that this painting is something else, even among leonardo's fantastic array of works.
But it's definitely overhyped with people claiming there are sectet messages in there, often the painting is even said to be connected to the illuminati and whatnot. Basically there have been a ton of conspiracies around mona lisa for centuries which perpetuated the hype more and more.
But there's no doubt the painting itself deserves all the praise it has received.

Author — youdon'tneedtoreadthis


It's just another example of how meaning that we take as absolute because it's been the same our entire lives usually has mundane and arbitrary origins, typically not befitting the pedestal we've placed the thoughts on.

Author — Michael Bush


Plot twist:

Yoshikage Kira was the one who actually stole the Mona Lisa.

Author — Scoutic


shows you that art is subjective and just a popular game. JUST LIKE YOUTUBE CHANNELS.

Author — Pikapetey Animations


The Mona Lisa was the VERY first painting that had someone smiling.

Author — the weetod


ppl hating on the Mona Lisa cuz she famous?? y'all just don't get art lol.

Author — Fairoa


“Yoshikage Kira has entered the chat.”

Author — ImExtraBasic