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The teachings in these videos are partly inspired by the following people:

and others along the way.

In this episode, wyckoff wyckoff wyckoff.

You've been lied to trading retail concepts like support and resistance, trendlines, rsi's, candle patterns, and all the other stuff I spent years unlearning and now am trying to teach to others. We delve into why price moves to certain areas of inefficiency, and why you often get stopped out of trades without understanding it. In the next we'll cover more concepts of inefficiency like imbalances, voids, and models.

Do you ever wonder why you're constantly losing money in Forex? - Your strategy, your risk management, and your understanding of the market is flawed and its not your fault.

At mentfx, we use concepts of structure, snd-order-blocks, mitigation, imbalance, fair value, voids, inefficiency, buy/sell models, wyckoff, and others to determine our direction and potential trades for the next month/week/day/hour/etc. based on the type of trader you want to become. I do not offer signals or incentivize you to invest under the information in my videos, this is nothing more than perspective.

DISCLAIMER: Any money made or lost in the forex market is your responsibility. My concepts and ideas and theories should be demoed on a fake/demo account before being taken to the live markets. If taken to the live markets, any money made or lost is under your OWN discretion and YOUR OWN responsibility. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Thanks. I look forward to having you as a client and talking to you. -Anton

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I like ICT, but your explanation is 10x more direct and precise. When they take 1h to explain the same thing, you do it in 15.

Author — Bruna d’Avila Eugenio


I pray this channel never gets deleted 🙏

Author — Money man


The beauty of Mentfx is that it's so Dynamic that I don't have to abandon my own Strategy to implement his teachings.

You can take what you get from Mentfx, add it to your system and make it even more solid.

Learning Never Ends

Author — Chikwado FX


Bro the content on this youtube channel this guy deserves a medal, I am coming for that mentorship

Author — Éen Paard


Glad you Combine Wyckoff and ICT to be your Technic same as PipsofPersia

Author — twicenews


Would have been billionaires out here with my Lamborghini 😂😂😂.
No women, no expensive watches, no expensive houses, no expensive cars, just pure quality and detailed explanation, love it man keep it up

Author — Musmus28


This honestly clicked right away. I went to go look at my charts afterwards and noticed how many opportunities I’ve missed out on wow . BIG THANKS to you. ❤️🙌🙌🙌

Author — Melany Veii


This is an action packed video. Lol. Gonna have this on repeat for a while.

Author — Alijah Morton


Your such a blessing bro, Your vids has really opened my eyes to how the market really moves. blessings to you and your loved ones.

Author — Alpha Gainz


You and your channel now are.. skyrocketing 🚀🚀🚀...
Thanks for the teachings 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Author — Chris Adolf


need to see this 5 more times maybe i get it

Author — Cristian Micu


Thankyou Anton I have better understanding of the concepts you teach. IML is nothing compare to what u teach. Much love 🙏

Author — Inzer Nadeem


Thank god I fond gem content is on next level if they get it let's Make this money baby smart money

Author — Indian beast


Really hope your channel blows up sooo good man✨



I am Brazilian i love you Channel thank you

Author — THE WalloweeN


Been putting alot of what u teaching into practice these past 2 weeks and training my eye. Repetition pays off frr. Lemme watch the video and learn more

Author — global phenom


Hope this one doesn’t get deleted lol ✊😂

Author — kian collins


I love you mentfx. At first I didn't get what you taught coos I'm coming from a retail background and I'm only 2 months in. However, your content is freakishly eye opening. I'm literally mind blow. Much love Anton

Author — obinna anele


best forex channel on the whole internet

Author — grandma


Bro honestly I always felt like Neo in the matrix hahaha..., I had that feeling of something Is not clicking in my trading, why is this happening etc., after watching your videos was like neo taking the blue bill lol everything became clear, love from South Africa

Author — Carlo Moore