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Brexit: What happened on Monday? - BBC News 4.5
The suspension of Parliament begins and MPs reject a second call from Boris Johnson for a snap election.

Jessica Parker explains what happened on Monday.

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i love british parliament, how they debate

Author — naga perak


Again, way better than American politics. Ya'll are a lively bunch.

Author — Sleeper San


English Parliament looks like a witch burning scene in a Monty Python film...

Author — Daniel M Connolly


Well, the Queen should reactivate the Tower of London and start chopping some heads.

Author — Mag


This is just lots of British people yelling and Shouting!

Author — The White Watcher


This is the most unbelievable happenings in the name of democracy playing on the people futures Greed and foolish pride runs this country

Author — solomon king


"You have not the foggiest idea" is one of my fav lines from the speaker

Author — GalaxyFinder


Hard to believe how the land of the Magna Carta has become so undemocratic

Author — stop Mass Hysteria


American Congress: calm and composed, yet sneaky
British Parliament: theatrical and entertaining

Author — Individual .Human


This is probably the lowest moment in Parliament since the days of Charles I. (No doubt historians may disagree.)

Author — Marv Watkins


This is a right mess you've got us all into Cameron!

Author — Bero Smith


And so Britain is the laughing stock of the world. The House of Commons is a joke people just shouting and jeering like a medieval court acting like children.

Author — ComedyCenter


What a circus! I think UE is tired of this UK international games!
What a disaster is brits politic class!!

Author — Bogdan Tudor


*Empire to Nomansland 🇬🇧*
God save the Queen .. ? May be the country as well

Author — Sathya narayanan


I don’t know season 4 is looking a bit bland with Bercow

Author — DRTosh


Good, they took 3 years to decide and played games instead. incompetency of the highest order.

Author — Jim Williams


The new "Black Rod" has an incredibly high voice for a dude.

Author — Thomas De Quincey


Thoughts about Brexit aside (it's been an utter 💩-show), I honestly wish 🇺🇸 politics were this openly emotional.

Author — BuddyL


The way Corbyn breathes in sharply puts my nerves on edge.

Author — Arminius der Cherusker


Yep, cut out all context to Bercrow standing down to twist his reasoning

Author — RadioactiveGaming