Brexit: What happened on Monday? - BBC News

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Brexit: What happened on Monday? - BBC News 4.5
The suspension of Parliament begins and MPs reject a second call from Boris Johnson for a snap election.

Jessica Parker explains what happened on Monday.

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Again, way better than American politics. Ya'll are a lively bunch.

Author — Sleeper San


English Parliament looks like a witch burning scene in a Monty Python film...

Author — Daniel M Connolly


This is the most unbelievable happenings in the name of democracy playing on the people futures Greed and foolish pride runs this country

Author — solomon king


Well, the Queen should reactivate the Tower of London and start chopping some heads.

Author — Mag


This is just lots of British people yelling and Shouting!

Author — The White Watcher


Hard to believe how the land of the Magna Carta has become so undemocratic

Author — Stop Mass Hysteria


"You have not the foggiest idea" is one of my fav lines from the speaker

Author — PlagueMaster308


This is probably the lowest moment in Parliament since the days of Charles I. (No doubt historians may disagree.)

Author — Marv Watkins


I don’t know season 4 is looking a bit bland with Bercow

Author — DRTosh


And so Britain is the laughing stock of the world. The House of Commons is a joke people just shouting and jeering like a medieval court acting like children.

Author — TheResurrectionOfMars


Good, they took 3 years to decide and played games instead. incompetency of the highest order.

Author — Jim Williams


American Congress: calm and composed, yet sneaky
British Parliament: theatrical and entertaining

Author — A. R


Sometimes I ask why I even bother with the comments

Author — Starzone Neo


This is a right mess you've got us all into Cameron!

Author — Bero Smith


Jerry Springer + Downton Abbey = British Parliament

Author — Ocean Esters


"Masterpiece Theatre" 2019...'Enter the Johnson'.

Author — baba duke


What a circus! I think UE is tired of this UK international games!
What a disaster is brits politic class!!

Author — Bogdan Tudor


Boris bullocks work mate. Get your Brussels sprout and eat it.

Author — Allard Freichmann


"When their enemies we're at the gates the Romans would suspend democracy and appoint one man to protect the city, it wasn't an honour it was considered a public service"

Author — Emperor Claudius


“What happened on Monday?”

The same as what has happened every day since 23rd June 2016

The traitors have tried to undermine the will of the British public!

It’s not even news at this point

Author — Oscar Lee