Robot Footage & Photos at Giza Pyramid!

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Robot Footage & Photos at Giza Pyramid! 4
Djedi is a robot inside the pyramid exploring tunnels and new rooms. People can't go where the robot can, so he serves a functional purpose in the project. It gathers live footage and photos from its small camera.

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how in the world did they make those shafts??? .😓

Author — Yesha Zion


its now 2016 send a better robot and an iphone 7 with 4k video....

Author — Javi Habi


any video that starts out with an annoying explosion of sound like this one gets an automatic thumbs down from me no matter how good it might turn out to be.

Author — Royg Biv


Why no real image ?That was only animation.Cant trust this, they could have put a real cam attached to the robot.

Author — Panos Kar


I watched the video of the robot going thru that hole and it was just a small room with another wall, really cool to see it 3D like this, thanks!

Author — Amy Ames


The "vent" used to be open before, extending to the outside of the pyramid. It was used to roll falafels down into the Queen's chamber, so that she wouldn't be disturbed by servants bringing her food in person.

Author — KatariaGujjar


The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut.

Author — DamThatsLopez


Wish it was actual video instead of animation. The push rods Djedi uses to navigate tight corners is so simple, yet brilliant!

Author — 8uddyR1ch


Very informative thank you for posting

Author — berlinrelic


Dassault do not only make aircraft then.  Awesome reconstruction.

Author — vrccb


Ow! Thanks for blowing my eardrums out right off the bat asshole!

Nice project though, interesting that they would put an american 120VAC outlet at the end of the tunnel... :)

Author — dequinox


Where you have the "?" mark, it looks like a giant grounded 110V electrical socket. Also, one room has an upside V shape over it (like a roof). The shafts come down toward said roof. Is it possible light came down the shaft and reflected off the roof onto / into something?

Author — TimoKa


were any radiation readings taken for 2-3-5?

Author — bazzio101


Big deal more guess work and supposition. All that for a few pix of the stone mason's graffiti! Hardly worth the effort.
There is an area worth exploring but you missed it the internal ramps. That's what they should be looking for/at.

Author — Bill


Then they were banned from the country unfortunately.

Author — So1othurn


And I suppose the markings are depictions of aliens

Author — MaxMOCs


this is ridiculous, send in boston dynamics ftw

Author — Ivsosy


mabye the pyramid ways just a place to quarentine something big enough solid structure

Author — Kawaii


well it's 2014 what's the new report that was due in 2012?

Author — Mr.SnugglyDick


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Author — Виктор Стрельников