GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Retired Cop Car! *Glorious Explosion*

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GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Retired Cop Car! *Glorious Explosion* 5

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I’m sitting here in 2020 wandering why the mullet didn’t start sooner

Author — Matthew


"Why is my powerband in cursive"

probably has something to do with your trans exploding

Author — AIO inc.


Crown Vic for sale, great condition, never abused. 6000$ obo

Author — Mart


Who's here from Instagram just to reminisce on the start of a glorious escapade

Author — Funkin Gonutz


I once heard about coopers wet shot too

Author — Gadd Gaming


“ danger to manifold, floor pan falls off”

Author — Alabama


U guys should just buy cheap cars and blow em up on the dyno with nitrous lol

Author — Isaiah bc


" Self-tappers are rated for a 1000 horse" - that made my day, thank you!

Author — Aaron Johnson


"totally stock"

Camera pans to racing seats

Author — Nick Kephart


"Blew the welds on the intake", lol



The whole "transmission jumps in and out of gear" thing is actually pretty simple as far as repairs go. It's a Transmission Range Sensor or Neutral Safety Switch depending on who you're talking to (same thing but with multiple titles). If it's the problem I think it is where it jumps out into neutral and revs down the highway and then falls back into gear then that'd your problem. Range Sensor is bad. Sometimes the Range Sensor is on the inside of the transmission (RWD/4X4/AWD) or on the outside of the transmission. It's always on the driver side of the transmission and at the same level as the valve body.

Just for future reference because I've had the same problem. Like if I've helped any of you guys, I'd love to know.

Author — Threize


Cooper is freaking hilarious lmao "I spend alot of time on the streets of Tampa" 😂

Author — Jonny Bravo


Hell ya giving the people what they want! Best channel on the net. Murica!

Author — Downriver Dimes


Though I love Crown Vics and I've owned 3 they suffer from transmission issues if you have a 1998-2003 . 2004 to 2010-11 are awesome though though they're not as fast as the old 9c1 Caprice built from 1994 to 96 with the 260 horsepower LT1 from the Corvette and also used in the Camaro .the growl of that Ford 4.6 just sounds so damn good

Author — Roth Henderson


I think you've proven that the 4.6 is a pretty durable motor. How about a 4.6 project?

Author — Sarkazmo Loafy


3:55 homeboy’s forearm is thicker than bicep. 👌

Author — chase cahoon


"You're lucky that a 100 shot of NOS didn't blow the welds on the intake."

Cleetus: *grabs 250 wet shot* "Hold my beer."

Author — Alex Erickson


Bad thing is, that 4.6 will probably run another 100K with a fresh intake manifold.

Author — benjamin merritt


I have a new found respect for the 4.6. That’s SERIOUS abuse! Lmao!

Author — Yo Mike


Things to do with a $110, 000 Dyno ! 😁

Author — Mustang860