Systemic Emotional Inflammation

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Between early 2020 and now, loneliness has only increased. Along with that comes a 50% increased risk for early death and three-fold increased risk for stroke or heart attack. The solution begins with acknowledging how you feel, being vulnerable, and reaching out, beginning right here.
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Dr. James Rouse loves living, teaching and sharing his passion for experiencing/practicing a high performing life of purpose. James expresses his expertise in epigenetics, regenerative and functional medicine in a heart-centered, practical and inspired fashion. His love for the “human possible” has been experienced across the world from Dubai to Delhi, London to Melbourne…Denver to Tokyo with business luminaries such as Steve Wozniak and Richard Branson, spiritual teachers Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson and athletes such as Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Shaq. James has built several successful businesses from start-up to multi-million dollar brands and is an award-winning author of 13 books. James has created two unique programs with two of the three largest media companies in the US: TEGNA since 1999, and with SCRIPPS television and media, with which he launched the Human gRace Project in February 2020. Dr. James lives the practices he professes from father to doctor, husband to Ironman, and entrepreneur to expert in the field of living your most exceptional life.

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So comforting. I sincerely appreciate your words.

Author — Gloria Wachel


thank You soo much for bringing this topic to light, so so important,

Author — Theresa LeBeau